'Coward': Man hits out at neighbour's 'nasty' note about dog

A “nasty” note accusing a dog owner of blatantly disrespecting his neighbours has divided opinion over who is truly in the wrong.

The letter, which was slipped into the letterbox of a Byron Bay local, in Northern NSW, late on Sunday night, accused the resident of allowing his dog to bark all day.

“I don’t know if you are aware that your dog has spent the whole day barking. Clearly it is distressed,” the note read.

“Pretty much like your neighbours who have to listen to this day after day. Most days it just barks during certain periods but other days, like today, it goes on for the whole day.”

The author went on to inform the dog owner they had complained to the council, claiming the barking was “not an isolated incident”.

They then signed off as, “a pissed off but concerned neighbour”.

Photo shows a nasty letter about a baring dog in Byron Bay, NSW.
This "nasty" letter was apparently slipped into the letterbox of a Byron Bay local Sunday night. Source: Facebook

The recipient did not take the criticism lightly, sharing an image of the letter to Facebook calling on the person behind it to talk to him instead of dropping off a note at night.

“If you have an issue with dogs barking work out what house it belongs to before you trespass on my property you weak person and talk to me in person instead of leave notes at night ya coward,” he wrote.

He argued that people living on either side of him also had dogs and that in the five years he has lived there, he’d “never had a problem”.

“I will notify the council and get a muzzle on you,” he threatened.

Speaking with Yahoo News Australia, he said there was someone home with his dogs - an adopted six-year-old staffy cross and a one-year-old beagle cross border collie - six days a week.

“I’ve asked my neighbours if they bark and my ex neighbours as well who have known the older one his entire life with me,” he said.

“They have an occasional bark as all dogs will, but never in excess ever. I don’t like barking dogs as much as anyone else.”

More than a hundred people weighed in on the issue, with some siding with the author of the letter, saying listening to barking all day was enough to send anyone a little loopy.

“Dogs barking all day can be very depressing. Also - my old neighbour thought their dog never barked. It’s funny what they do when their family isn’t around - they behave completely differently,” one person wrote.

Photo shows a dog barking after someone complained about a noisy dog in Byron Bay.
The man was accused of allowing his dog to bark all day. Source: Getty Images

“Yeah barking dogs are not ok. It’s up to the owners to train them properly. Also people go out all day and literally don’t have a clue that their dogs are yapping constantly because they calm down once the owners come home,” another said.

However, several others did side with the dog owner, saying the rude note was completely unnecessary.

“So sorry for the distress this has caused you, there are mean people out there, they must be so nasty to not speak to you, karma will come their way,” someone wrote.

Another said they had once been the man’s neighbour, and had not heard his dog barking incessantly at all.

“Your dogs were always fine, we lived next door and never did they bark. Never woke the kids or anything. Some good neighbours around that street hey! So many dogs in the street anyway, clearly the wrong house,” they said.

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