'The fastest one': Drivers less than serious responses to road rule quiz

A road rule quiz highlighting an everyday scenario on Australian roads has attracted a less than serious response from many drivers.

Transport Western Australia shared a picture of two cars on Facebook on Tuesday.

It shows a blue car on the left and a silver car on the right in separate lanes which are merging into a single lane. The blue car is travelling ahead of the silver one.

“These two cars need to form one lane, which car has right of way?” Transport WA asked.

It was almost unanimous that the blue car has right of way, which is correct.

West Australia's Department of Transport asked people which car has right of way when two cars merge lanes. Source: Facebook/ WA Transport

When two vehicles are merging into a single lane the one travelling in front has right of way, the Department of Transport explained.

But while many nailed the quiz, some drivers claimed it doesn’t always happen on WA’s roads.

“The blue one but the d***head in the silver will speed up and not let it in, then the blue one will give the silver the bird, and next road rage,” one woman wrote.

“Nothing new on Perth roads.”

Another suggested it was “so funny” the question “is even needed”.

“Merging ain't a thing Perth drivers are capable of,” one man wrote.

“Arrogant road hogs, hate driving in Perth. Glad I don't have to very often.”

Everyone seemed to agree the blue car had right of way. When two lanes merge it's the car in front which has right of way. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Others had more comical answers.

One man suggested “the vegan one” should go first.

Another added “the fastest one”.

“The cyclist who appears out of nowhere to drive both these cars off the road,” another man wrote.

Another woman suggested the car with right of way is whichever one has “comprehensive car insurance”.

“In WA, drivers just speed up and try to push you off the road,” she wrote.

In February, a road rules quiz by the RACQ sparked a fiery debate which the organisation got involved in and told people to be “civil”.

RACQ also had many scratching their heads last month asking people a question about an intersection.

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