'These answers scare me': Confusing online road rule quiz stumps drivers

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

A confusing road rule quiz has stalled drivers after it was shared to social media in a test of the public’s familiarity with what order vehicles should enter an intersection.

The colour-coded graphic was shared via the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland’s (RACQ) Facebook page, leaving social media users divided over which vehicles were entitled to turn first. 

Hundreds of people weighed in on the debate, each person arguing in favour of a certain order referring to coloured arrows depicting which direction each vehicle would track.

Two cars, a red and a blue, were pictured positioned opposite each other at an adjacent stop sign, while a yellow vehicle was stopped at a give way sign and a black car was signalling to turn.

RACQ shared a confusing graphic to Facebook on Monday morning, leaving its followers stumped. Source: Facebook/RACQ

Most commenters had a go at guessing which vehicle should have right of way, however, many argued an intersection such as the one drawn should have a set of traffic lights or a roundabout installed.

RACQ revealed the diagram had been modelled from the Albert Street and Station Road intersection at Bethania, a suburb of Logan City, Queensland.

The motoring club shared the quiz Tuesday morning, telling their online followers that the answer would be shared later in the afternoon. 

Several said the post had left them feeling unsafe on the roads, given how many people they believed had given incorrect answers to the quiz.

Others offered some practical solutions, such as having more frequent tests for drivers to freshen their knowledge.

“RACQ, can we bring in re-testing practical knowledge every three years? Some of the answers here scare me, and I bet no-one who is wrong will admit it to themselves,” someone suggested. 

Many road users had no idea what the answer to the tricky quiz was. Source: AAP

Some people said they’d wait patiently no matter what the rules, due to a general mistrust of other drivers, while many took the opportunity to draw from their own experiences on the roads.

“1. The biggest car goes first. 2. The most expensive car goes second only because he doesn’t want his car smashed by the big car. 3. The bloke who’s got insurance. 4. The bloke who has no insurance,” one keyboard comedian wrote. 

RACQ shared the answer in an update on its post later on Monday, revealing the correct order enter the intersection as, “Black, Blue, Yellow, Red”.

“Black goes first because the vehicle is not facing any give way/stop sign or line,” the update said.

“The other vehicles are facing give way/stop signs so they must give way to the right, so red must give way to yellow, and yellow must give way to blue.”

Vic Roads recently issued a refresher on the law relating to always giving way to pedestrians and cyclists.

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