‘Fills me with rage’: Driver’s callous act after ‘causing’ crash

A driver has infuriated people after being filmed performing a callous act on a busy motorway.

A Reddit user uploaded dashcam of the incident which occurred in Minneapolis in the US state of Minnesota on April 15.

A car is travelling on the I-94 when a ute overtakes and dashes for an exit driving over median and nature strips in the process with dirt and grass flying from under its wheels.

But it’s what the ute does next which had people calling for the driver to lose their licence.

A ute drivers across a median strip and clips a car causing it to spin out on the I-94 in Minnesota.
People are furious the driver of a ute caused a car to spin out (right) and then drove off. Source: Reddit

The ute appears to lose control and clips another car from behind.

The car spins out and stops but the ute manages to maintain its course and drives off.

The dashcam driver begins to slow down to give help.

It’s not clear if the driver of the ute has been charged with an offence but the person in the car is believed to be OK.

Driver's behaviour causes fury in viewers

Regardless, the ute driver received the scorn of viewers on Reddit especially after the person who filmed it claimed they didn’t stop to render assistance.

“Seeing them casually driving off fills me with so much rage. Cut people off because you nearly miss an exit, hit someone and damage their vehicle and just keep going?” one user wrote.

Another asked: “how do you keep driving after causing that?”

A ute is pictured travelling on the I-94 at Minnesota following a crash.
The ute drives off with the spinning car behind it. Source: Reddit

“Because missing your exit is worse than possibly dying or killing someone,” another wrote.

Others called for the ute driver to lose his or her licence.

The person who filmed the incident believes the ute driver is yet to be found despite reporting them to police after capturing their number plate on video.

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