'Death wish': Driver slammed for dangerous stunt on the road

The driver of a sedan has been slammed over an incredibly dangerous act that saw their small vehicle have a close call with an oncoming truck before smashing into a residential fence.

Chilling footage from the dashcam of a large truck travelling along Johnsons Road in Browns Plains, an outer south-western suburb of Brisbane, captured the idiotic manoeuvre of a Nissan Pulsar on March 16.

The small black car overtook the truck at 10.40am when two lanes merged into one after a set of traffic lights, speeding past the large vehicle using the bike lane and part of the dirt shoulder.

Still from video of Nissan Pulsar crash.
The driver of this Nissan Pulsar was blasted after video of them dangerously overtaking a truck before crashing was shared to Facebook. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia

"Holy s***," the truck driver said before the Pulsar driver is seen losing control and braking as they crossed lanes into oncoming traffic, swerving in front of a truck on its way through.

The Pulsar slammed into a line of Colorbond fencing, damaging at least three panels on impact.

"You f****** idiot," the truck driver said.

The video was shared to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, where thousands of people had a similar reaction.

"Must have had a death wish and lucky for the skills of others around it didn't come true," one person wrote in a comment.

"Great drive job by old mate in the flat bed (oncoming truck) who would have been unsighted until the last second. Otherwise the Pulsar driver would be having his funeral next week," another said.

"Car driver was an idiot," a third added

"One of the best cases I've seen of dangerous driving," somebody else commented.

Others familiar with the intersection explained it was a notorious hotspot for drivers who did the wrong thing.

"Those set of lights are annoying. It's an 80km road. One lane until you get to those set of lights. It splits into two lanes in about the same amount of space as when it merges back into one," a driver wrote.

They added that "so many idiots" entered the left lane ahead of the lights with the goal of speeding past everyone in the right lane before the two lanes became one.

"Too many loons on that road at the best of times," another person agreed.

Queensland Police told Yahoo News Australia there were no injuries, but investigations were continuing.

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