Driver whacked with whopping $8,000 parking ticket

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

A man who collected his car from a parking station after leaving it there for months was hit with the whopping charge of more than $8000 — about double the value of the vehicle.

The driver was charged about $60 a day, racking up a total bill of $8450.40 for leaving the car inside the parking lot in western Sydney for 147 days, 22 hours and 28 minutes.

Footage of the man realising he owed the parking company a considerable debt on Friday was shared to video-sharing app TikTok by user Moeyreacts, who was a passenger in the car at the time.

“This d******* left his car here in the shopping centre for two years and he’s trying to get out, and look how much it is, eight grand... You wish we were going to pay eight grand,” he was heard saying.

The vehicle, which is registered in NSW, is a 1999 blue Honda Civic, which according to the Carsguide website, is worth somewhere between $3,777 and $4,990.

The man was charged about $60 a day for leaving his car in a parking garage. Source: TikTik/Moeyreacts

The video was viewed more than 860,000 times and attracted a huge response from social media users, who liked the video 68,000 times and left more than 700 comments.

“Just want to know how a car was kept in a parking lot for 147 days,” one person wrote in a comment.

Others pointed out there was a vast difference between “two years” and 147 days, which more accurately equalled just under five months.

The driver laughed along with the passenger after seeing the $8000 fee. Source: TikTik/Moeyreacts

Some offered suggestions on how the duo might be able to get out of paying the ticket, by either pushing the gates up, or having someone else use their car at the entrance to get another ticket.

“Take in another car get that car out with that ticket get a shopping receipt and then say you lost ticket,” someone else wrote.

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