New reality? Coronavirus rules see apartment residents face 30-minute wait for elevators

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Residents in a Western Sydney apartment building have been forced to wait up to half an hour to enter their home due to social distancing measures, according to one person who lives there.

A Reddit user who appears to reside in the building shared a photo on social media showing a lengthy queue of people waiting to use the lifts at the Parramatta high-rise apartments on Saturday.

“Line up for residential lifts tonight at the... apartments due to social distancing restricting one household per trip up. Been here for half an hour,” the original poster said.

A Reddit photo showing a queue of people waiting to get into elevators, apparently outside a Sydney apartment building in Parramatta.
A Reddit user said they was forced to wait in this queue of people to get into their apartment. Source: Reddit/Joeycloud

The social media forum was quick to react, with many shocked that residents were having to wait that long to use the lifts to their own home.

“Wow, this sort of stuff had just not occurred to me. Pretty damn inconvenient,” one person responded.

“You know when you get to the door of your home and you instantly need to pee... I would not survive this,” another user said.

“To be fair, the lifts aren't normally great either, only two lifts available for 160 units of residents,” the original poster wrote.

One person was impressed with the polite residents.

“Is someone in the building enforcing it? Because if not, I’m kind of impressed at the good manners,” another social media user said.

“There is lobby concierge guiding and reinforcing the measures,” the original poster responded.

One person asked where all the residents waiting to enter had been, given the ‘stay at home’ message Australians have been following for weeks that has only recently been relaxed in NSW.

“Where have all these people just been?” they asked.

Some people questioned why the user didn’t take the stairs.

“I know this building is pretty high. Do you have the option to walk up the stairs? Or have they also stopped that?” one person asked.

“The stairs are swipe locked and only available for going down, not up,” the resident responded.

“Suddenly my six flights of stairs in a 1980s apartment block across the river doesn't seem so bad,” a Redditor wrote.

The post comes as NSW begins to relax restrictions with real estate agents allowed to hold property inspections and auctions from next weekend.

But NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said social distancing would continue.

"The community has done an outstanding job in limiting the spread of COVID-19 and we need to make sure we continue to exercise vigilance and care," he said in a statement on Sunday.

NSW now has 3035 COVID-19 cases with 14 people in intensive care, including 11 who require ventilators. More than 2300 people have recovered from the virus in NSW.

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