Dog walker 'horrified' by pet's phallic find at Sydney park

The dog walker said she had to do a 'double take' after noticing it wasn't a stick in her pet's mouth.

A habitual weekly dog walk in Sydney has ended with an interesting climax for one newly engaged couple thanks to their dog's phallic find among the trees.

On Monday the pair were walking their beloved dog Myrtle around Burraneer Bush Park in the city's south and admitted this particular game of fetch would not be quickly forgotten after their pet retrieved an object neither had thrown.

"When she came out she returned with a much floppier, girthier stick," the dog owner told Yahoo News Australia.

Myrtle the dog with a dildo she found in the park.
Myrtle the dog "loves to play fetch" and was searching for a thrown stick when she came across the phallic find. Source: Facebook

"At first we didn't know what it was... and then we realised in horror that it was in fact a giant dildo."

The couple's confusion quickly turned to hilarity and they allowed their beloved pet to "play with it for a bit", capturing pictures and a video of the "funny" find before deciding to leave it there to horrify the next unsuspecting walker.

'Funny' phallic find shared on Facebook

The dog walker shared the story on Facebook and included the pictures under the pretence of outrage, saying the "purity of [her] sweet dog had been forever compromised".

People on the internet were quick to jump in on the joke, with many also amused by the phallic find.

"Brings new meaning to 'give a dog a bone'" one man wrote.

"Oh my god too funny, your pup looks so proud to show off it's find," a woman said.

The dog owner told Yahoo that they have no idea how the object got there and shared their belief that it was probably still where they had left it.

"Myrtle is the real star of the story," she said, before adding, "but I mean it definitely caused a double take".

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