Man filmed in 'shocking' act outside Sydney gym: 'Embarrassing'

The business owner was 'angered' by the stranger's act and was forced to replace the item.

A Sydney business owner is baffled by a stranger's actions outside his boxing gym, questioning why someone would "stoop so low".

On Saturday morning Shadie Elass arrived at his gym in Sylvania and intended to replenish the dog bowls by the entrance as he does everyday, but found there was one small issue — they were nowhere to be seen.

After questioning whether he had moved them himself, he decided to quickly check his CCTV camera and was "shocked" by what he found. An unknown man seized the opportunity to take the unattended dog bowl and was caught red-handed in the footage.

The man stealing the dog bowl.
The CCTV camera was positioned directly towards the spot where the unknown man stole the dog bowl. Facebook / Everything Sutherland Shire

“When I realised someone would lower themselves to that extent and nick a dog bowl, I was pretty angry to be honest," Shadie told Yahoo News Australia while he was on his way to buy a new one.

The business owner's own pet dog had sadly passed away last year from cancer and he said he wanted to do something "nice" for other dogs as they passed by en route to the groomers next door, mindful of the "hot" days the city has experienced recently.

Stranger's late-night antics slammed online

Shadie posted the video on Facebook which initiated a string of comments condemning the opportunist for stealing the inexpensive item.

"That comes under the category of 'now I've seen everything'. Disgusting!" one woman wrote.

"How embarrassing stealing dog bowls!" another said.

Shadie confirmed that despite being "disappointed" he will persevere with his plan to offer local dogs a resting station, but admits he will need a change in strategy to ensure the next one isn't stolen again.

"I need to figure out a way how they can't get this one," he shared with Yahoo, before adding, "Maybe I need to put it in a hiding spot or padlock it or something,".

Box Up Fitness, which only opened its doors last month, aims to offer a space where locals can prioritise their mental health and has plans to start children's classes soon to help boost confidence within adolescents.

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