Disturbing sex act caught on camera near major Sydney train station

A stunned resident has captured a disturbing display of indecency on camera near a major train station in Sydney.

Footage taken from a balcony of an apartment in Wolli Creek, just south of the city, shows a train passing on nearby tracks.

But as the camera zooms in and the train passes, a naked figure appears around the side of graffitied electricity box.

A shirtless man with his pants around his knees appears to be committing a sex act, just a few metres from the dense residential area and within a stones throw of the busy platforms.

A naked man hides behind an electricity box near Sydney's Wolli Creek train station
The man can be seen with his pants down as a train passes at Sydney's Wolli Creek. Source: Reddit

“Masturbator alert!” the resident captioned the video, which was posted to Reddit.

A voice behind the camera can be heard gasping and laughing as they film the man for almost a minute.

“Look at this guy,” a man says.

The camera then pans to the right, showing nearby Wolli Creek train station with more trains arriving.

Commenters on the thread were equally as shocked.

“Is he pleasuring himself to … trains?” one person asked.

“Wtf,” someone else said, while another called it "disgusting".

A naked man can be seen in the distance hiding behind an electricity box near Wolli Creek train station.
While trying to relax on their balcony, the resident spotted a figure acting strangely. Source: Reddit

The resident said they were enjoying a beer on their balcony after work when they spotted the bizarre scenes.

“Literally just settled in at home after work. Cracked a beer and went on my balcony for a vape and out of the corner of my eye see old mate dash behind the power box.

“Couple minutes later he emerged ready for action lol. Yelled out "oi" a couple times and he pretty much fell back into the tree line.

“I ended up yelling out and flashing my torch and he ran off into the bushes,” the poster said, adding that they believe he was also recording himself.

The resident said they had reported the incident to police, but that the offender was “long gone”.

In NSW, obscene exposure can land an offender with a $1100 fine and a maximum of 6 months in prison.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted NSW Police for comment.

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