Awkward moment King Charles confronted by angry heckler: 'Not my King'

King Charles has been filmed in an awkward interaction with a member of the public while greeting mourners on his first official trip to Wales on Friday.

The man was in the crowd in Cardiff, where the King had attended a service of prayer and reflection for the life of the Queen with the Queen Consort by his side.

As thousands turned out to greet the 73-year-old monarch, one man took the opportunity to question him about taxpayer funds and the rising cost of living.

“Charles, while we struggle to heat our homes we have to pay for your parade,” the man yelled while recording on his phone.

King Charles greets mourners and protesters in Cardiff, Wales.
King Charles listens as a man blasts him about taxpayer funds and the cost of living crisis. Source: Reuters

At this point, a member of Charles’ security team steps forward, forcing the man backwards and creating a barrier between the King and the heckler.

Charles, who had stepped closer to the man to hear him, quickly turned his back and continued to shake hands as he moved away.

But the heckler didn’t stop there.

“The taxpayer pays £100 million for you – and what for?” he yelled.

“Not my King!”

The interaction set Twitter alight, with many coming to the defence of the King – including TV host Piers Morgan.

“Imagine doing this to a man whose mother died a few days ago? So disgusting,” he wrote.

Others sided with the resident, saying “he’s right”, and agreeing that basic human needs are being ignored by those in power.

The protester wasn’t the only one to heckle the King on Friday.

As Charles’ car arrived at Cardiff Castle he was met with both cheers and boos.

Some in the crowd held signs saying: “Not my King, not my prince”, while well-wishers cheered, “God save the King”.

Man arrested after running at Queen's coffin

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The man was promptly tackled to the ground and escorted out of the building by police

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