'Death trap': Driver's baffling act after car left in 'insane' condition

Josh Dutton
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A driver has left police in shock for driving a car in an “insane” condition.

The man was pulled over on the Interstate 90 (I-90) highway, in the US state of Montana, last week by police officer James Beck.

“It's safe to say that virtually everyone in an emergency services profession has a ‘things you can't make up’ story or two,” Montana Highway Patrol wrote on Facebook.

A car with a smashed windshield pictured in Montana.
The man drove through a number of states with his car like this. Source: Montana Highway Patrol

“Trooper James Beck certainly filed this incident into that category when he pulled over this vehicle driving on I-90 the other day.”

Police said the driver admitted to driving across several states with the smashed windshield.

He wore safety glasses to protect his eyes, police said.

“Thankfully after his encounter with Trooper Beck, a flatbed trailer hauled the vehicle to its final destination,” police wrote.

“At the risk of sounding too obvious – don't be this guy.”

People in disbelief over man's car

On Facebook, the “insane” condition of the man’s “rolling death trap” had people aghast.

One woman called him a “hazard” to the public and himself.

“Wow,” another woman wrote.

“I can't believe someone would drive that.”

Another woman simply wrote: “holy crap”, while another said: “You have got to be kidding”. Police responded: “We wish we were."

Others simply had one question on their minds.

“How did no police in those other states miss this rolling death trap?” one man wrote.

It is not clear what or if the man was charged with an offence.

Adelaide driver accused of shocking act behind the wheel

This latest incident comes after an Adelaide woman was filmed earlier this month allegedly reading a book while driving a car.

A shocked witness filmed the woman on Good Friday in the northern suburb of Globe Derby Park.

The witness told Nine News the motorist was allegedly swerving on busy Port Wakefield Road at speeds of up to 100km/h.

South Australia Police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia investigations continued into whether an offence had been committed.

"Driving is a complex task and anything that serves as a distraction from that task, including using a mobile phone or reading a book, can significantly impair your reaction time, your ability to maintain speed and your ability to judge safe gaps in traffic," a spokesperson said.

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