Driver accused of shocking act behind the wheel at 100km/h

A female driver in Adelaide has been filmed allegedly reading a book behind the wheel while two children sat in the back.

A shocked witness filmed the woman on Good Friday in the northern suburb of Globe Derby Park.

Footage appears to show a book placed in between the vehicle's steering wheel.

A still from a video of an Adelaide driver allegedly reading a book behind the wheel.
A motorist in Adelaide has been filmed allegedly reading behind the wheel. Source: Nine

The witness told Nine News the motorist was allegedly swerving on busy Port Wakefield Road at speeds of up to 100km/h.

South Australia Police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia investigations continued into whether an offence had been committed.

"Driving is a complex task and anything that serves as a distraction from that task, including using a mobile phone or reading a book, can significantly impair your reaction time, your ability to maintain speed and your ability to judge safe gaps in traffic," a spokesperson said.

Authorities are seeking witnesses or anyone with dashboard camera footage of the incident to come forward.

Motorists in the state can face court-imposed penalties of up to $2500 for driving "without due care or attention".

South Australia recorded two road fatalities over the Easter weekend, taking its road toll to 35 for the year. There were 30 fatalities by the end of March in 2020.

In 2019, a Sydney man was also pictured reading a book while driving.

And in 2018, a 19-year-old driver was fined in Perth after they were caught eating a bowl of cereal behind the wheel.

According to the International Transport Forum's Road Safety Report in 2020, 32 per cent of Australian drivers admitted to reading, including from devices, while driving.

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