Dad's fiery note to school over 'irritating' lunch box rule

A frustrated dad hit out at his daughter's school following constant remarks about her lunch box, with staff allegedly claiming the child's food is unhealthy.

The UK-based dad said the comments are "irritating" and argued it should be parents who decide what their children eat, so he left a note for her teachers to see, he revealed on TikTok.

In a video shared with his 66,300 followers, the man named Ross revealed a label he'd created, which he attached to the inside of his daughter's lunchbox.

TikTok user and his daughter's lunchbox with label
The UK-based dad was furious about her daughter's teachers dictating what she eats, so he left a note inside her lunchbox for them to see. Source: TikTok

"Welcome to Isabelle's lunchbox," it reads."We are aware of the contents of this box and are happy for Isabelle to eat whatever she wants."

In a follow-up clip, Ross explained how the fiery note panned out and apparently, nothing was said about the lunchbox label.


School lunchbox rule: 'Carrots first'

He explained what his daughter normally eats at school, and revealed what she had leftover.

While he packed a small tub of lollies as a treat her his daughter, he admitted she didn't even touch them.

"Apparently she can only eat them if she eats her carrots first," he said, implying the school staff intervened with a questionable lunchbox rule.

But he claims she'd dropped the carrots on the floor and that's why she didn't eat them.

"What do you want her to do?" he asked.

The young girl managed to finish her sandwich and also part of an apple.

But questioning the school's logic, the dad claims the lollies he packed had less sugar than the sandwich.

The dad said he'll be talking to the school directly to sort the issue out.

Parents' fury: 'Winds me up'

The furious dad struck a chord with many parents as dozens took the comments on his video.

"This literally winds me up so much! Kids have minds of their own and can choose what they want to eat! You obviously approved everything in there!" one wrote.

"Sick of schools being able to dictate what kids eat! Do they check all the teacher's bags to make sure they’re not bringing in junk," said another.

Others admitted they experience the same thing with their children's school, which many said is "infuriating."

TikTok user showing contents of daughter's lunchbox
The dad said the school would only allow her to eat her lollies after she ate her carrots. Source: TikTok

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