Preschooler's note for teacher prompts 'mortifying' text message to mum

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When Brinn Williams sent her daughter off to preschool, she didn't think twice about the creative card little Ruby made her teacher.

But Ms Williams learned very quickly why you should always check your child's work when she received an awkward text from her daughter's school director.

At first, Ms Williams, from Nebraska, in the US, thought her daughter Ruby was sick. Although relieved that wasn't the case, the "nervous" mum began to panic when the concerning card was mentioned.

The colourful card Ruby grabbed from her mum's desk had the words "a best friend you can have sex with" written across the front. And on the inside of the adults-only card, it said, "How great is that?”

Outside of funny card (left) inside card with kid's drawing (right)
The teacher was shocked to receive this card from the little girl who'd drawn a picture inside. Source: TODAY/Courtesy Brinn Williams

Mum defends the mishap

The night before, the preschooler asked to borrow her mum's "rainbow stationery," something she does most nights, Ms Williams told US breakfast show TODAY.

Not thinking anything of it, Ms Williams allowed her daughter to help herself, but she picked up the naughty card instead.

"She goes and does this almost every single night, so I had no reason to believe the card wasn’t going to look how it normally looks," Ms Williams said. "I didn’t look it over before she put it in her backpack."

Thankfully, Ruby can't read, but she does love to draw. So she went ahead and doodled on the inside of the card as a sweet gesture for her teacher.

In the text message sent to Ms Williams, the school director asked if she was "missing a card" as young Ruby said she found it on her mum's desk.

Ms Williams explained that she'd given her daughter permission to use stationary from her desk, but said she "didn't know what she was making".

Text messages between mum and teacher
The school director messaged the mum who was mortified by the blunder. Source: TODAY/Courtesy Brinn Williams

Ms Williams said she was "so embarrassed" after receiving the text message from the teacher. But luckily, the unfortunate mishap made the director of the school laugh.

Although they both laughed over the situation, Ruby's dad, Josh, was a little "mortified."

To make matters worse, the school director who'd messaged Ms Williams is the wife of Josh's boss.

"I thought he was going to die," she said.

To avoid any future artistic mishaps, Ms WIlliams said she will set up a creative space for Ruby to draw away from her desk and have a dedicated box of stationery supplies for her daughter's artwork.

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