Aussie mum's photo of son’s school lunchbox sparks debate

An Australian mum has started a fierce debate online after sharing a photo of the contents of her son’s school lunchbox.

The woman took to a Facebook group to ask if it looked like enough to feed a Grade 4 boy, with the snap parking a flurry of responses.

Grade 4 boy's school lunch box
This photo of a Grade 4 boy's school lunchbox has sparked a fierce debate. Photo: Facebook

The lunchbox in question features a meat sandwich, an LCM bar, a packet of Twisties, an apple, and a Tupperware of crackers with cheese.

“Is this enough food for a Grade 4 boy?” the mum asked.


While many filled up the comments with helpful replies, others were quick to criticise the mum calling out the ‘processed meat’.

“I would take out the LCM, the cake and the Le Snak. Sandwich, two snacks and fruit is my general rule,” one person said.

“Too much food. Less snacks, more veggies,” another said.

Healthy food concept. Closeup of female hands packing lunch box into a kid's rucksack in the kitchen. Selective focus.
Many were quick to jump to the mum's defence. Photo: Getty Images

Others jumped to the mum’s defence, especially when the morning show Today posted the image to their Facebook page.

“Oh my goodness! She's sending her child to school with food - yes there are processed things but there are also things that aren't. People can be so judgemental. At least she does the right thing, has food for her child and sends him to school with enough food for him to get through the day,” one person wrote.

“That is a healthier lunchbox than I have seen sent with other children, who are we to police parents on what they send their children with as long as they have lunch and it’s enough to sustain them throughout the day that’s what matters,” another person wrote.

According to the Victoria BetterHealth channel, you should try to include fruit and vegetables in a child’s lunchbox and “keep offering healthy lunch box choices in a variety of ways”.

“Tips include fresh fruit, crunchy vegetables and a combination of protein, dairy and carbohydrate foods.”

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