Woolworths shopper's fury over 'selfish' Lion King collectables move

A Woolworths customer claims she witnessed a shopper buying up a trolley-load of Lion King Ooshies collector cases.

“One person just up and bought all of the Lion King Ooshies collector boxes and not one staff member thought to stop them,” Adelaide woman Shelby said on Facebook.

Along with her post, Shelby included a photo of what appeared to be dozens of the boxes inside one trolley.

A Woolworths customer claims she saw a shopper in Adelaide checking out with a trolley full of Lion King collector cases. Source: Supplied

“Should this really be allowed? Most families buy these for their children’s happiness, and here we have someone buying them more than likely to scalp online.

“We were lucky to get ours before this selfish person nabbed them all.”

Shelby told Yahoo News Australia the incident happened about 8.30pm (local time) on Wednesday at a Woolworths store in Adelaide.

“My partner and I witnessed him walk through the normal store-front and pick [up] all the stock arranged on the promo shelves, as well as grab what I assume was a huge restock box from underneath and put it into his trolley,” she said.

Shelby said she and her partner witnessed the customer loading up his trolley with the Lions King boxes. Source: Supplied

Shelby added she did not believe the person was a staff member taking stock for their own store because they went through the self-serve checkout and paid for items on card.

“[It] seemed very suss, that's why I felt compelled to post on Woolies page about it,” she said, adding she was yet to receive any clarification from them about it.

“It’s [not] fair on honest Australian families who just want their kids to be happy.”

Woolworths launched a Lion King collectables range and the figurines are appearing online for ridiculous amounts. Source: Woolworths/Supplied

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that they knew that the collectable cases would be “incredibly popular”.

”For that reason, there is a limit of 3 Woolworths Lion King Ooshies collector cases per transaction,” the spokesperson said.

“We have reiterated this limit to our store team members.

”We would like to reassure customers that there is plenty of stock still available and we hope this will ensure everyone can take part and house their beloved Lion King Ooshie characters in the cases.”

Earlier on Thursday, a Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia customers were limited to five items per shop for any eligible bonus brand.

Within hours of the collectables appearing in stores on Wednesday, some of the figurines were already being sold online for a ridiculous $20,000.

The limited edition Ooshies collection feature characters from The Lion King and can be snapped up with every $30 purchase either in-store or online.

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