The hack that gets shoppers 17 Woolworths collectables for $30

Tom Flanagan
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Quickly becoming the talk of the playground, and many offices too, it’s fair to say the latest collectables on offer from Australia’s supermarket giants have gripped the nation.

Last Friday, Coles announced Little Shop 2 will be returning this week after its inaugural run last year.

And Woolworths followed suit, confirming the release of their own miniature collectables in the shape of Lion King-themed Ooshies - which are small toys that sit on top of a pencil - just hours later.

As this year’s craze reaches fever pitch, with some Ooshies being listed on Ebay for $20,000, shoppers are doing what they can to get their hands on as many as possible as quickly as they can.

Pictured is the Woolworths Lion King Ooshies collection on a mat.
Woolworths launched a Lion King collectable range and the figurines are appearing online for ridiculous amounts. Source: Woolworths/Supplied

And one Queensland woman appears to have hit the jackpot as she managed to get 17 Ooshies from just a $30.05 shop.

Taking to a Facebook group for fans of the toys to boast of her achievements, the grandmother revealed she took advantage of a list of products which when purchased, qualify the shopper for a bonus Ooshie.

Woolworth’s website currently lists dozens of products from participating brands which can be purchased to get additional collectables.

Aware this may prompt shoppers to bulk buy, Woolworths has capped the amount of bonus Ooshies redeemable from one brand per transaction.

Pictured are all of the Woolworths Lion King Ooshies in a collectors case.
The 24 Ooshies on offer. Source: Woolworths

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that customers will be limited to five items per shop for any eligible bonus brand.

Woolworths welcomes shoppers’ creativity

However, with 12 brands participating, shoppers could hypothetically walk away with 60 Ooshies from the bonus system per transaction.

They will also get the number of Ooshies they are eligible to get for every $30 they spend.

“We know from experience that special collectable promotions can be incredibly popular, and sometimes limits are required to make sure everyone can enjoy participating,” the supermarket’s website reads.

Taking advantage of the bonus brands, while meeting a minimum $30 spend to receive the bonus Ooshies, the Queensland resident outlined 16 products at the cost of $30.05 which would result in getting 17 Ooshies.

The identified items are five Danone Activia’s costing $1.75 each, five Dettol handwashes at $2 each, five Purina One pouches at $1.80 each and one Birds Eye 330g steam fresh corn cobettes for $2.30.

As long as shoppers spend over $30, they can get five Ooshies from buying five Purina One pouches. Source: Woolworths
As long as shoppers spend over $30, they can get five Ooshies from buying five Purina One pouches. Source: Woolworths

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the supermarket welcomed the “hacks” shoppers are discovering to obtain as many Ooshies as possible, saying it was all part of the fun.

“The Woolworths Lion King Ooshies have been off to a fantastic start with a lot of buzz and enthusiasm amongst our customers looking to get their hands on this world exclusive collector’s item.”

The participating brands are Finish, Cold Power, Dettol, Pantene, Oral B, Gillette, Danone, Birds Eye, D’Orsogna, Purina One, Purina Beyond and Arnold’s Farm.

D’Orsagna products - which are a range of cold meats - need to be weighed and must be at least 100g to qualify.

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