Couple's shocking find after hearing huge crash in garage

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A loud crash at a couple's home in the US state of Florida alerted them to an unwanted guest as they swiftly headed for the garage to find out what was going on.

Karyn and Jamie Dobson were watching TV at home when they heard the "wicked" crash, which was so loud they thought it was a car accident, they said.

But the chaos in their garage was caused by an almost three-metre alligator that had somehow made its way inside the couple's home.

Alligator in the garage at a Florida home
The Florida couple were watching TV when they heard a huge bang coming from the garage: Source: 7 News Miami

They told local news outlet 7 News Miami that the humongous reptile had ripped open a case of Diet Coke, causing the fizzy drink to "spew everywhere".

Mr Dobson said he opened the garage door a quarter of the way but a quick glimpse of the mammoth gator forced the door shut.

While it's not uncommon for alligators to make themselves comfortable in Florida dwellings, the couple had recently moved from the state of Chicago where there's said to be none.

"After I finished screaming, she goes, ‘You’ve got to be kidding'," Mr Dobson said of his wife.

Alligator in the garage at a Florida home next to bicycle
The reptile was almost three metres long and made a mess of the garage. Source: 7 News Miami

The couple called in the professionals to remove the animal from their home, but not before they bravely posed for a picture with it.

The alligator was reportedly taken from the garage and relocated safely.

Ms Dobson jokingly suggested the gator "probably thought [the Diet Coke] was beer" and that's why it wanted a taste.

It's not known exactly what caused the crash that sent them running to the garage, but they were left with a mighty mess to clean.

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