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Fisherman stunned by monster sea creature: 'One of the biggest I've seen'

A fisherman got more than he bargained for after reeling in a monstrous sturgeon fish last week, claiming it's one of the largest he'd ever seen.

Yves Bisson, a professional sturgeon guide from British Columbia in Canada, shared the incredible footage on TikTok as he guided the "insane" creature back into the river.

In the video, Mr Bisson navigates the murky waterway dragging the 600 pound (272kg) creature with him, which he says was about 10 and a half feet (3.2 metres) long.

Fisherman catches large sturgeon fish in river British Columbia, Canada
The 'living dinosaur' is estimated to weigh around 272kg and measure up to three metres long: Source: Instagram/TikTok

"Check this out... this fish is 10 and a half feet [long], probably 580, 600 pounds," he explained in the video on TikTok.

"We were just able to tag it, so it’s probably never been caught and now we’re going to release it back into the river."

Social media reacts: 'Are you fishing in Jurassic Park'

The Sturgeon fish is reportedly nicknamed the "living dinosaur" because it dates back to the Jurassic era.

While the size of Mr Bisson's catch is impressive, some can grow up to six meters long and weigh more than 1360 kilograms.

Mr Bisson's followers were shocked by the sheer size of the catch with many comparing it to the "loch ness monster," a creature in Scottish folklore.

"Are you fishing in Jurassic Park? That’s insane," one person wrote alongside pictures of the catch on Instagram.

"That’s an absolute unit!" another said.

"Did you catch the … loch ness monster," one joked after watching the clip on TikTok.

"That's a living water dragon," another joked.

Mr Bisson responded in the comments, saying he believed the fish was probably 70-100 years old.

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