Cops catch Woolworths truck in dangerous stunt on busy road

A police van travelling in the opposite direction made an abrupt U-turn after the dangerous move.

Shocking dashcam footage has captured the terrifying moment a Woolworths truck almost wiped out a small hatchback travelling in the opposite direction on a busy road.

The video shows the supermarket truck travelling along Carlingford Road in Sydney's west with the reckless stunt catching the attention of nearby police.

In the video, the semi-trailer appears to swerve across the middle lines and into traffic travelling in the opposite direction forcing the small white hatchback to move out of the way and into the far left lane. In doing so, the car almost collides with a police vehicle driving alongside it.

Suddenly, the red and blue flashing lights appear on the police van before it makes an abrupt U-turn to chase after the Woolworths truck, simultaneously bringing traffic to a temporary halt.

Police van and white hatchback move out of the way after Woolworths truck crosses middle lines.
Woolworths truck almost wipes out a small hatchback on a busy road. Source: Facebook

Police at the 'right place, right time'

The terrifying footage shocked Facebook users after it was shared in a Woolworths-related group on Thursday. It's not clear exactly when the incident occurred.

"Crikey! About time a cop was in the right place at the right time," one said while another admitted, "I dread getting stuck in the middle lane in my tiny car with big trucks either side of me".

The incident led to an accusation by one respondent who said "more careless drivers now employed by Woolies". It's understood Woolworths truck drivers are sourced through a "carrier partner," in this case, the driver was a subcontractor for Toll.

Woolworths confirmed "our trucking partner has immediately launched an investigation" into the incident which the supermarket "takes very seriously".

"We understand this would have been a very concerning situation for the oncoming driver," a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

It comes after a Woolworths truck was captured hitting and dragging a parked car near a store in Melbourne last week. The incident occurred outside the Woolworths Laurimar store in the city's northeast with an unsuspecting driver watching the entire scene unfold while she drove behind the large truck.

Previously, the moment a Woolworths truck crashed into customer's roof was caught on camera.

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