Aussie cop car T-bones driver after running give way sign

The footage of crash in residential Sydney was shared online with many taking umbrage with the officer's driving.

An unsuspecting Sydney motorist got the fright of his life when a police car came flying through a give way sign and T-boned his vehicle.

The small silver car almost flipped from the force of the impact with NSW Police now investigating the crash which was captured on a nearby property's CCTV camera.

A 25-year-old policeman was taken to hospital with injuries while the 25-year-old man driving the silver hatchback miraculously escaped uninjured.

The police car pictured on CCTV hitting a small silver hatchback in Mount Pritchard.
The NSW Highway Patrol vehicle T-boned the silver car which had right away on the residential Mount Pritchard Street. Source: Facebook / Aussie Write Offs

The CCTV footage shows both cars approaching an intersection in the southwest Sydney suburb of Mount Pritchard just after 3.15 pm last Thursday. When the police car driver fails to observe a give way sign, he hurtles towards and smashes into the silver hatchback, hitting the rear side of the car and spinning it almost 360 degrees before it hits a curb and almost flips.

The video was posted to Facebook and many questioned why the police car appeared to be driving fast in a residential street without the vehicle's sirens on.

The silver car is sent spinning to the curb in Mount Pritchard.
The civilian's car looked as though it would flip onto the driver's side but came to a halt with its four wheels still on the ground. Source: Facebook / Aussie Writes Offs

"Is that a give way sign and where's his flashing lights?" one woman wrote. "Also I think his speed was above 50km/h," she continued.

"Unacceptable behaviour. [Police officer] should be charged with reckless driving and endangering the public," another said.

Police confirm Mount Pritchard crash

NSW Police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the crash is under investigation as they try to piece together what has gone wrong.

"A Traffic and Highway Patrol vehicle was allegedly involved in a crash with another vehicle at the intersection," the Police NSW spokesperson confirmed.

The 25-year-old policeman was "treated at the scene by NSW Ambulance paramedics" and was taken to Liverpool hospital for further treatment, however his injuries are "not considered life threatening".

The civilian, a 25-year-old man, was uninjured from the crash, the police said.

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