Woolworths truck hits and drags parked car in shocking dashcam footage

Woolworths has confirmed an investigation is underway.

Shocking dashcam footage has captured a Woolworths truck hitting and dragging a parked car near a store in Melbourne, with the supermarket confirming to Yahoo News an investigation is underway.

The incident occurred outside the Woolworths Laurimar store in the city's northeast with an unsuspecting driver watching the entire scene unfold while she drove behind the large truck.

The back of the Woolworths truck hit the Mazda 2 parked at the side of the road outside the Woolworths Laurimar store.
The Woolworths truck hit a parked car while driving into the Laurimar store in Melbourne's northeast. Source: TikTok

In the footage the truck travels along the entrance road with parked cars either side of it. The truck stops to give way to an oncoming driver due to the limited space, however as it begins to move again it turns into the store and the back of it hits a blue Mazda 2, before dragging it forward as it rotates almost 90 degrees.

The shock of the driver behind the truck can be heard in the video as she shouts "oh my god!" and beeps her horn attempting to get the attention of the truck driver.

The blue Mazda 2 has large dents in the side of the car with the window smashed.
The damaged Mazda 2 after the Woolworths truck hit it in February. Source: TikTok

Mazda 2 owner claims truck driver 'denies' hitting car

The dashcam footage was shared online in February and the woman sharing the video claimed the Woolworths driver "denied" hitting the Mazda 2 which is owned by her mum.

"I was just so happy this woman was behind as he kept denying it," she claimed. "Thank god for the woman with the dashcam proving otherwise!". Yahoo News has reached out to her for comment.

Woolworths investigating truck collision

The supermarket confirmed an investigation is underway, with Woolworths working alongside their "carrier partner" to gather further information.

"We're aware of a video showing a traffic incident involving one of our trucks," a Woolworths spokesperson. "We're currently investigating this alongside our carrier partner."

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