Controversial anti-vaxxer billboard vandalised in Perth

A controversial anti-vaccination billboard has been defaced in Perth’s CBD amid calls for it to be pulled down.

A vandal was caught on CCTV targeting the contentious billboard on Brisbane Street in Northbridge late on Saturday night.

The perpetrator can be seen moving off the street before covering a US web address on the poster.

The man can be seen removing the billboard’s web address it’s promoting before writing his own message. Source: 7News

He then answers the billboard’s burdening question.

“Do you know what’s in a vaccine?”, the billboard asks.

“Common sense,” the vandal wrote in response.

Australian Medical Association WA vice-president Dr Mark Duncan-Smith urged for the sign to be pulled down.

The AMA also asked the Health Department to see if powers under the Public Health Act could be used to pull it down.

The poster had previously caused controversy with doctors and the Premier exploring avenues for its removal. Source: 7News
The billboard was defaced in an act of defiance against its message. Source: 7News

Premier Mark McGowan also gave his support to those calling to have it removed.

“We want to encourage people to vaccinate so we’re looking at what options we’ve got available to us.”

Mr McGowan’s comments come as 90.6 per cent of Perth children were fully immunised last year – well below the national target rate of 95 per cent.

The website that was covered on the poster belongs to the Learn the Risk non-profit organisation.

Its site says the group has a global mission “for educating people worldwide on the dangers of pharmaceutical products, including vaccines and unnecessary medical treatments”.