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Coles shoppers disgusted by strange lunchbox snacks: 'Calling the police'

Customers have been shocked to discover these combinations.

It's been four months since Primo and Arnott's dropped their first meat, cheese and sweet biscuit snack packs, but the unusual culinary combinations are still leaving many Aussies disgusted.

Released last September to much confusion, the "Primo Ham Bites and Hundreds & Thousands" and "Mild Twiggy Bites and Hundreds & Thousands" boxes have been spotted in Coles supermarkets by "distraught" shoppers.

Primo and Arnott's Bites at Coles
Aussies aren't sure about Primo and Arnott's latest collaborations, with one Coles shopper saying they left her "feeling distraught". Source: Reddit

Online commentary regarding the collaboration has been diverse, ranging from disbelief at the inclusion of a sweet biscuit with meat and cheese, to suggestions of a manufacturing mix-up, right through to philosophical musings about the morality of such combinations.

"Please tell me these aren’t intended to be eaten all together," one Reddit user captioned a photo of the snacks. Reacting in shock to the image, another user simply stated, "I'm calling the police".

As one Redditor sagely put it: "Primo were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should." A reply went further, suggesting the pairing was evidence of our nation's slide into damnation: "Every day we stray further from God's light." Others were concerned about the appearance of the meat in the "Ham Bites and Hundreds & Thousands" packs, with one person noting it "looks like a Starburst" lolly.

Primo Arnott's snacks available at Coles and Woolworths
Primo and Arnott's previously collaborated on a much-less controversial range of snacks, which are also available at Coles and Woolworths. Source: Coles

Some shoppers weren't so dramatic, with one parent saying their child enjoys the combo of salt, savoury and sweet. "My nearly 4-year-old son loves these, but prefers the twiggy stick ones," the shopper commented.

Another parent was also attracted to the smorgasbord of dietary diversity: "I would buy this for my toddler... She wouldn't eat them all together but she would inhale the cheese and then take her time with the other two, with breaks to play and run wild in between."

Meanwhile a shopper who'd bought one of the snacks was unimpressed with the small amount of food on offer: "I tried this and I was so disappointed there was only one biscuit. Felt ripped off."

Indeed, the boxes, available at Coles for $4.25, appear to offer little value. Containing a single piece of meat, a small cube of cheese and one biscuit, the packs weigh between 43 and 50 grams. That equates to paying a whopping $98.80 per kilogram for the "Ham Bites and Hundreds & Thousands".

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