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Coles shopper's basket mistake leaves internet in hysterics: 'Gold'

Do you ever head to the supermarket for a quick shop, skip the trolleys for a basket, only to then find yourself struggling through the last few aisles with an over-filled basket weighing you down?

Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

Chef Nagi Maehashi thought Coles had solved all our problems when she went to the supermarket last week and was delighted to find what appeared to be the latest in wheeled shopping basket technology.

Coles shopping basket being wheeled in basket holder
A Coles customer thought she'd discovered a new type of trolley for baskets. Source: Instagram

Ms Maehashi was so chuffed with the new baskets she even recorded a video to share the discovery with a friend.

Whether said friend pointed out her mistake, or she worked it out herself at the checkout, it soon became apparent she'd simply wandered off with one of the supermarket's basket holders.

Able to laugh at her mistake, Ms Maehashi shared the amusing fail to her Instagram account, where she has nearly one million followers.

"This is not a joke. I was seriously so impressed with the wheely baskets I took that video and sent it to a friend, praising @colessupermarkets for such innovation," she admitted in the caption.

Coles shopping baskets in holder
The shopper later realised she'd been wheeling around a basket holder. Source: Instagram

The video received hundreds of likes and dozens of comments, with her followers appreciating the candid mistake and unintentional hack.

"Gold," one person commented.

"I actually laughed out loud," said another.

Someone else reassured Ms Maehashi that she's definitely not the first person to make the mistake, writing "this happens ALL the time! You're not alone!!"

Coles was quick to agree. "Wheely easy mistake to make," came a comment from the supermarket chain's Instagram account.

Basket hack slammed

In February of this year, a shopper who intentionally used a shopping basket holder as a trolley to wheel her basket around an Aldi supermarket received a far more negative reaction.

Although the woman pointed out she'd made sure there were plenty of baskets to go around before she took the holder around the Aldi store, not everyone could see the funny side of her act.

"Inconsiderate to the staff and to others looking to do the right thing and put the baskets back when finished," wrote one shopper.

Aldi shopping basket in holder
An Aldi customer's basket hack left fellow shoppers unimpressed. Source: Facebook

"That's so inconsiderate to other shoppers. Sorry, but that is not what the basket trolley is designed for. It's so the baskets are in a neat pile," commented a second.

"As a retail worker I can say I hate when people do this because it just adds more work into my already tripled workload," added a third.

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