Bunnings cops backlash after crushed poison found in pet aisle

Dog owners are calling for a merchandise change after leaked toxic pellets were found across from dog accessories.

Bunnings has been called out by concerned Aussies after toxic snail poison was found leaked on the floor of the pet aisle at one store.

A Melbourne man was shopping in Bunnings Keysborough with his dog, looking in the pet aisle at dog beds, when they realised pet accessories shared the same aisle as pest killers and insecticides. Walking through the aisle he then found crushed snail and slug killer on the floor — something that can be fatal for dogs if ingested.

"What genius had this idea," the man, who goes by Sean, shared online, tagging Bunnings and RSPCA Victoria.

Image of Sean's dog in a trolley in Bunnings carpark on the left. Image of crushed snail bait pellets on ground with boxes of snail and slug killer in background on the right.
A Melbourne dog owner has called out Bunnings after finding snail bait pellets on the floor in the pet aisle. Source: TikTok

Director of Merchandise at Bunnings Jen Tucker told Yahoo News Australia store layouts are regularly reviewed to ensure the safety of customers and their pets.

"We regularly review the layout of our stores to ensure we comply with relevant legal and safety requirements across our entire range, including the products identified in the video," she said. "If there's ever an accidental spill of pest control products, our team will do their best to clean it up as soon as possible to maintain the safety of our customers and their pets."

Many people shared their outrage online, but there was also a large portion of people who claimed the store was not the place to bring dogs in the first place. "Just because dogs are allowed doesn't mean dogs can roam free, most things in Bunnings are harmful if ingested," one person commented.

"Just watch your dog, it's no different to at a park," another replied.

Calls for merchandising changes at Bunnings shop

Bunnings stores across the country not only sell pet products but it states under their store entry requirements they also allow "well-behaved pets that are on lead" to come in with their owners.

Although the spill was the immediate concern, it was the location of the goods that had people calling for further change, with some sharing that their local Bunnings has a different layout to keep dangerous items separate from pet products. "Bunnings please review which stores' [pet products] are arranged for a half aisle, at my store they are between pots and internal landscape," one person commented.

"[A] merchandising change could save a life," another reiterated.

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Snail and slug killers harmful to dogs if ingested

The smaller the dog the higher the risk, although Dr Liam Donaldson from Greencross Vet Hospital tells Yahoo that if you suspect your dog has eaten any bait, no matter how small the amount or how big your dog is, it's recommended you get them checked over by your local vet immediately.

"[We] can get it out of their system sooner rather than later," Dr Donaldson said.

One of the main symptoms of snail bait toxicity is muscle spasms, which in severe cases can then lead to seizures and overheating — which can cause further serious issues or death.

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