Bunnings customer slammed for 'extra selfish' act

A shopper's lack of respect for Bunnings carpark rules has drawn a response from the retailer.

A Perth motorist has been slammed over an "extra selfish" parking act at Bunnings, with onlookers disgraced at the driver's lack of carpark etiquette.

A frustrated Reddit user shared a photo of the driver's vehicle and trailer parked across four spaces at the Innaloo warehouse, including one designated for disabled motorists.

"There was no disabled badge and of course there is plenty of trailer parking available at Bunnings," the user wrote, adding that there were suitable bays available closer to the store's entrance.

Car and trailer parked across disabled space at Bunnings
A Bunnings customer who parked a trailer across a bay for drivers with mobility issues has earned the ire of Perth residents. Source: Reddit

Aussies blast driver

Fellow motorists were outraged at the driver in question, with one Reddit user urging the author of the post to send the photo to both Bunnings and the local council, citing a $500 fine as a deterrent for the future.

"Blocking the disabled bay gets extra selfish points," a user commented, while someone else vented, "Not content with being a colossal prick and taking up four spots, decides to go world-class and make one of those spots a disabled parking bay. Some f**king people."

Responding to questions about available trailer parking bays at the store, the poster clarified that there are "two car and trailer parking areas, one is always empty". Regardless, users overwhelmingly agreed that parking in spaces designated for disabled drivers is inexcusable.

Bunnings responds

After being alerted to the post, Bunnings Regional Operations Manager Hayley Coulson expressed disappointment on behalf of the retailer. "We were disappointed to learn a customer recently used a disability parking bay for their trailer outside our Innaloo store, which our team was unaware of at the time.

"These parking bays are incredibly important for the community and we remind our customers that they're only reserved for people with a disability or mobility restrictions."

She added, "we're really focused on ensuring disability parking bays are always available for their intended use, and we do our best to communicate regularly with our stores to remind them that these bays are not to be compromised for any reason, at any time."

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