Woolworths shopper blasted for 'disrespectful' car park move

Dozens slammed the move as 'lazy' and 'selfish' with many shocked by the dashcam scene.

Reverse parking in a busy car park can be intimidating at the best of times, but a shopper's infuriating move made it all the more difficult for one Aussie driver.

The female driver was attempting to reverse into a space at a Woolworths shopping centre, believed to be on the Gold Coast, but was stopped in her tracks by another shopper and her "selfish" trolley move.

The incident occurred last Thursday and was captured on dashcam footage before being shared on Facebook where the shopper's act was savagely slammed. As the car begins to reverse a woman pushing a trolley comes into view — but what she did next shocked not just the driver but thousands on social media too.

Woman pushing trolley through Woolworths car park.
Dashcam footage captures a Woolworths shopper approaching another car with her trolley. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia

Camera footage taken from the back of the car shows the vehicle manoeuvring into the space. But as the driver does this, the woman with the trolley continues to walk toward the back of the moving car. The vehicle suddenly comes to a halt when the shopper decides to dump her trolley right behind the reversing vehicle, despite the trolley bay being mere steps away.

Annoyed, the driver gets out of the car and approaches the trolley. Although there's no sound, she appears to yell at the other shopper, signalling to the trolley bay about two metres away. The female driver ferociously grips the handle of the trolley and yanks it up over the curb before walking the five steps to the trolley bay herself.

Social media responds to shopper's infuriating act

The video was shared anonymously in the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook group where it was met with shock and rage by other drivers. Hundreds slammed the act as "lazy" and "selfish" while some admitted it's their "biggest peeve".

"This makes me so mad. The laziness is next level," one fumed. "Perfect example of what's wrong in today's society! Complete disregard for anyone else, too hard to walk another six steps," said another.

Judging by the reaction it might be more common than you think, with many saying they regularly see trolley dumpings at their local supermarket car park.

Woman moving Woolworths trolley to trolley bay in Woolworths car park.
The furious driver removes the trolley from behind her car and moves it to the trolley bay. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia

"See it all the time people are too lazy to put their trolleys in the trolley bays. Even if the bay is right beside them," one said. "This is nothing new. Happens in every supermarket in Australia in every town. Lack of respect for people's cars – that's all it is."

Others said the act shows "no consideration for anyone else" with one claiming "she most likely wouldn't have given a single thought to what she did". However some did argue that it's the job of a person employed to collect trolleys and the shopper didn't do anything wrong.

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