Woolworths employee sparks workplace farewell discussion after ‘no one said goodbye’ on last day

After years of service, one Aussie was left feeling like 'just another number'.

Spending years of your life on the front line working for an employer, only to walk out without so much as a goodbye, has many Aussies feeling like "just another number".

Workers from Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings, McDonald's, and other big chains have shared their disappointing farewells after one Woolies worker in Queensland, who spent an entire six years at her store, recently revealed her upsetting last day at her job.

"I was there for 6 years, that’s literally my whole teenage years," Keeley Pejovic said. "I did not get one single thank you or goodbye. No one gave a f**k".

Screenshots of Keeley talking about her Woolies job on TikTok.
Keeley took to social media to share that on her last shift after six years, not one person said a thing to her. Source: TikTok

'Undervalued' staff speak out

People from the retail sector flocked to the comments to share their own farewells, with just a few speaking of their positive experiences.

"When I left Coles after 4 years I got chocolates and flowers and a card," one person said.

"My department manager was great, she would randomly give us chocolates and Coles gift cards every now and again for good performance," shared another.

The rest of the hundreds of comments mostly came from people who had a similar lack of acknowledgment.

"My partner recently left Maccas after 11 years and he didn’t even get a thank you," one person commented.

"Worked at a Bunnings for 8 years, big group meeting for stocktake (last day) friend announced it’s my last day, the manager looks over and says 'ok,'" another said.

"Me the person who organised all of the farewell gifts… just silently walked out on my last shift," replied a third.

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A worker (back) stacks shelves in a supermarket in Sydney.
A worker stacking shelves in a supermarket in Sydney Source: Getty

Supermarket employees' recent strike

This sad revelation from retail workers comes just after, in early October, hundreds of Coles and Woolworths employees went on strike in an effort to force changes in working conditions for supermarket workers.

The Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU) was demanding: a minimum wage increase, changes to wages for junior, apprentice and disabled staff, improved casual worker conditions, and better security for frontline workers.

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