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Australia Post worker caught 'sleeping on the job'

Australia Post said it is aware of the incident and has taken disciplinary action.

Australia Post workers can cop a hard time when being accused of being a bit lazy with deliveries. But one postie's brazen act has taken that occasional criticism to new heights after he was spotted seemingly snoozing on the job in a comfy hammock.

The worker chose his sleeping station under a pergola in a public park in Banora Point in NSW's Northern Rivers and used his Australia Post bicycle to ostensibly provide a bit of privacy during his nap. After spotting the man, a local approached him to ask if "he was ok" before realising the worker was in fact sleeping.

"He was fast asleep, snoring with his radio on," the local said. "For the last 12 months or so [I] have come across this postman sleeping on the job... he is in full view of golfers and walkers."

The Australia Post worker sleeps on his back with his arms above his head in the hammock with his bicycle parked to his left.
A local spotted the Australia Post worker sleeping on a hammock in Banora Point NSW. Source: Facebook

The local was enraged by the postie's behaviour, calling it "lazy" and questioned whether this was the reason why his mail had been late in recent months.

Aussies shocked by postie's brazen behaviour

An image of the worker was posted online this week and many were stunned by the premeditated nature of the set-up, pointing out that the hammock must have been packed prior to his shift to allow for his midday siesta. Others feared the unsupervised mail could easily be "stolen" while the worker snoozed.

However, some gave him the benefit of the doubt and said he may have simply been enjoying his break when the local spotted him.

"If he's on a break then who cares, I'd nap too, but if he isn't on a break shame on him," one wrote, while another questioned whether the picture was even legitimate. "Is this a joke?"

Australia Post respond to image of worker sleeping during shift

Despite the image being posted online on Tuesday it is unclear exactly when the incident occurred, with Australia Post telling Yahoo News Australia the worker has already been approached to explain his actions.

"Australia Post was previously made aware of this matter and, following an investigation, appropriate disciplinary action was taken," a spokesperson said. Australia Post declined to offer any further clarification.

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