Driver's 'lazy' attempt to deliver parcel angers Aussies

The delivery driver gave the resident mere seconds to answer the door before turning back toward his van.

As the festive period nears more and more parcels are expected to be delivered to Aussie homes. And while many can appreciate the stress couriers will be under, one delivery driver has been criticised for his lacklustre attempt to get a parcel to its rightful owner.

The worker's attempt was captured on a resident's CCTV camera in Narellan, NSW where he is seen approaching the home before knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell.

Barely seconds later he backs away from the door, takes a picture of the home — presumably as proof he was indeed there — and turns on his heel with the parcel in hand.

The postie takes a pictures of the house during his parcel delivery, with the 'attempted delivery' notification popping up on the resident's phone later (right).
Aussies slammed the 'attempted' parcel delivery online with the postie giving the resident mere seconds to answer the door. Source: Facebook

The whole process took less than 30 seconds, and the resident was completely baffled by the 'delivery'.

"I was home," he stated online. "The window to my office next to the front door was open, I had just gone upstairs for a moment. Am I wrong to be upset by this?"

He later received an 'attempted delivery' notification which stated no one was home at the time, meaning the parcel now subsequently needs to be collected from the local post office.

Postie accused of having 'no patience' by multiple residents

The video was shared online and many were quick to air their "frustration" at the delivery man's behaviour.

"Even if you hadn’t been upstairs who’s answering the door that quick? I’d be upset as well," a local wrote online, while another called it "lazy" how little time the man gave the resident to answer the door.

"Man's got no patience," a third said.

Another resident in the area uploaded CCTV footage captured at her home of a delivery driver who she deems to be the same man. In the video he is seen approaching the door and knocking before quickly leaving the premises much like the first video, however, in this instance the parcel is dropped on the grass as he passes.

"This was a few weeks ago, we did report but clearly didn’t change his behaviour," she wrote.

It is unknown who the man was working for.

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