Australia Post parcel goes on 10,000km joyride around country to nowhere

The package was eventually delivered after the long journey across three states.

Waiting for a package can be frustrating at the best of times, but one man's experience waiting for his delivery would leave even the most patient of people seeing red.

An incensed West Australian man took to Facebook to reveal what he says is a "monumental stuff-up" from Australia Post, explaining the service apparently sent his Perth-bound package from Sydney to Queensland, then back to NSW, onto WA, and eventually back to NSW.

The man was notified on the Australia Post app each time the parcel appeared to reach a new location, as it took a 10,000 kilometre joyride around the country, before seemingly landing back at its original destination.

He says he tried, unsuccessfully, to intercept the parcel when it eventually reached his home state, but was allegedly told by Australia Post staff he was too late and the package had "already left on the truck".

Australia Post has accused of sending a parcel on a 10,000 kilometre joyride around the country. Source: Facebook / Getty.
Australia Post has accused of sending a parcel on a 10,000 kilometre joyride around the country. Source: Facebook / Getty

"Package is now on its way back to Sydney again," the man said in frustration on the Australia Post Complaints Facebook group.

"It has now travelled more than 10,000 kilometres. Spoke to someone about it this morning to try and stop it. All I got was sorry it left on the truck at 4am this morning, even after being promised I would receive it. Anyhow, it’s heading home now where it came".

Customer turns to another delivery service

The man claimed that after receiving little to no support from Australia Post, he was forced to order a replacement, which he was left to organise himself.

"A replacement is being sent tomorrow, not by Australia Post," he said.

"(The) ombudsman has all the information required to launch a case against them."

A green map of Australia that shows the journey the Australia Post parcel has been on
According to the man's tracking history, these are the locations the parcel was processed around the country. Source: Yahoo News Australia.

Baffling tracking history appeared to show the parcel's wild ride around the nation, first starting in Sydney, before being processed in Parkes, NSW, then it was again processed in Brisbane, and again at Australia Post's flagship branch in WA at Boorna Wangkiny Mia, before it again returned to Parkes, Kemps Creek, Seven Hills and finally Pendle Hills.

Australia Post has indicated to Yahoo a willingness to assist the customer with the issue.

"The vast majority of items processed by Australia Post make it to their destination safely. In this instance, it’s clear something has gone wrong with the parcel’s journey, and we apologise for its late arrival," a spokesperson for the service told Yahoo News Australia.

"We encourage customers experiencing delivery issues to get in touch with us directly by calling 13 POST (13 7678) so we can provide help and support."

A full transcript of the package's processing history can be seen on the Australia Post tracking ap.
A full transcript of the package's processing history. Source: Facebook

Parcels 'sometimes take alternate routes' before reaching destinations

According to an Australia Post spokesman, who previously spoke with Yahoo, "occasionally a parcel may take an alternative route" to get to its destination, which can be for a range of reasons.

"[It can be caused by] local disruptions and road closures right through to natural disasters," the Australia Post spokesperson said. “These decisions are made to ensure the parcel is delivered as safely and efficiently as possible."

A postman also shed light on what could be occurring when parcels seem to have been sent through states.

According to the postie, individual parcels may be shown to be travelling long distances due to a common sorting process.

“Your parcel is not travelling the country, the container your parcel was sorted into is travelling the country,” he said on the Australia Post Complaints Facebook page.

“Each container, known as a ULD, has a unique QR code attached. When your parcel is sorted by a machine, your tracking number becomes associated with that one specific ULD.

“It simply means that the ULD that was initially assigned to ship your item has been used to move other items to a different area.

“Watching the movements of a code attached to a ULD (that could potentially hold between 10 or 200 items) is not evidence that your parcel is going on a holiday.”

A history of Australia Post wild delivery journeys

Australia Post has been accused of regularly sending packages on a wild goose chase. Just two months ago, a Melbourne man joked that his mail was "more travelled than I am" after it was sent 30,000km around the country.

The tracking information for the parcel contained no less than 80 entries, as it bounced endlessly from one state to another.

Last year, a Gold Coast man's birthday gift for his wife was sent 9,000km around the country, passing through at least three states.

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