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Australia Post driver caught in shocking act during road rage incident

The altercation was caught on camera and has many questioning who was in the wrong.

A wild road rage incident between a truck driver and an Australia Post worker has been captured on camera as the dramatic confrontation played out in the middle of the road.

At a busy roundabout on Tuesday, believed to be on Boundry Road in Victoria, both vehicles can be seen entering from different directions, each seemingly thinking they had right of way — but as the AusPost worker is confronted, he doesn't hesitate to make an aggressive and dangerous manoeuvre.

Filmed by the dashcam of another vehicle, a large B-double truck attempts to take the first exit at the roundabout by turning left. As he does, an Australia Post van approaches from the right, driving straight, but they each come to a halt when their paths meet.

A screengrab showing the truck driver and Aus Post worker stopping at the roundabout.
The truck driver and Aus Post worker crossed paths at a busy roundabout in Victoria. Source: Facebook

Angered by the move, the truck driver jumps out of his cabin and runs across the road to the AusPost vehicle. The video, shared on Facebook by Dash Cam Owners Australia, has no sound but he appears to yell at the postie still sitting in his van.

Australia Post driver accelerates at man

The pair engage in a heated altercation before the truck driver eventually walks back toward his vehicle. But as he does, the AusPost driver accelerates into the man.

The truck driver swiftly steps out of the way to narrowly avoid being hit by the postie who takes off with speed. In the end, he only glances the man.

Social media shocked by dashcam video

The wild altercation shocked social media users with many saying "neither one of them is right".

Trying to piece together what might have caused the outrage, one said, "Truckie was easily triggered. AusPost may have beeped, and flashed their lights, but just get on with it and ignore him."

Aus post van on busy roundabout.
The truck driver approaches the postie in the van and appears to yell at him. Source: Facebook
Australia Post van pictured nearly intentionally running into the truck driver.
Accelerating hard, the Australia Post van only narrowly misses the truckie. Source: Facebook

"Aus post clearly fueled a bit of anger but super truckie should have [just] smiled," another agreed.

"Doesn't matter who's wrong, truck driver had no reason to get down from his cab. He's the one who instigated and fuelled the rage," a third commented.

"Postman is lucky his rage didn’t smash into the guy and cause injury," one said, seemingly shocked by the postman's actions.

Others suggested the Australia Post worker might be in trouble with his employer.

Australia Post responds to road rage video

Australia Post has since launched a full investigation into the incident, a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

"The behaviour shown in the video is completely unacceptable and falls well below the standards Australia Post expects of its team members," they said. "It is especially disappointing given safety is a core priority and value of the organisation."

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