Aussie driver cops $466 fine for crazy road rage act: 'Instant karma'

Adding insult to injury, the aggressive driver was fined $466 by police – and mercilessly mocked online.

A frustrated motorist has been filmed dangerously lashing out on a busy road in Adelaide, deliberately slamming into the back of a luxury Jaguar vehicle.

However it was "instant karma" for the Ford Ranger driver who was stopped in his tracks when his airbags exploded in his face, bringing the car to a halt.

The road rage incident occurred on Wednesday on West Terrace road and was captured by the Jaguar's rear dashcam. It appears to have started when the Jaguar merged lanes to end up in front of the white ute, albeit appearing to leave ample room.

However within seconds, the Ford Ranger picks up speed and rams into the back of the Jaguar not once but twice with force. The impact of the second hit caused the airbags to deploy in the driver's face, forcing him to back off.

White Ford Ranger on Adelaide road with airbags deployed.
The Ford Ranger deliberately crashed into the Jaguar in front, twice, causing the airbags to go off. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia

Ford Ranger driver 'got what they deserved'

The whole incident was over within 30 seconds with the video being shared on Facebook on Thursday where it's received over 1,500 comments and 180,000 views. People who watched the ugly dashcam footage insisted the Ford driver "got what he deserved" after trying to "intimidate" the motorist in the front with many calling it "karma" for his aggressive behaviour.

"From the looks of it, this person got what they deserved. There was absolutely no need for them to travel so close unless they are trying to intimidate you for pulling into their lane," one viewer said. "Glad to see his airbags taught him a lesson," another wrote.

One said it was "very satisfying" to see the airbag "clock him one" while others joked it's "typical Ford Ranger behaviour".

"Hahahaha karma, that's hilarious," another mocked. While someone else wrote: "That's what he gets for tailgating".

"To have so much rage you risk being an at fault driver and damaging your car is absolutely certifiable behaviour," someone else fumed. "I will never understand."

SA Police confirmed they were called to the scene at roughly 12.50 pm. The Ford driver was issued a $466 fine for failing to keep a safe distance from vehicle in front.

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