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Australia Post etiquette debate divides Aussies: 'Show respect'

It's an awkward scenario almost every Aussie would have faced.

Accepting deliveries can be a juggling act at the best of times.

You can be waiting by the door all day, and the minute you decide to hop into the shower or hang out your washing, the postman will magically appear, as if having been summoned.

If you've ever had to leap to the front door, one hand on the handle, the other gripping the bath towel around your waist, you're not alone, in fact, far from it. As one Aussie man revealed, a similar scenario at his home prompted a fierce debate with his parter.

One person's question about delivery etiquette has prompted a heated debate among Aussies. Source: Getty.
One person's question about delivery etiquette has prompted a heated debate among Aussies. Source: Getty (file picture).

Heated debate erupts

"Settle a debate: putting on a shirt to accept a parcel delivery," the man said on the 'Ask an Australian' Reddit thread. "Yesterday, I, (mid-20s, male) was working from home and had no meetings, so was working shirtless in gym shorts.

"Knock on the door from AusPost, so I opened it as I was to accept the delivery. Partner is saying I should’ve put on a shirt. I said: 'It’s fine I’m only shirtless, and I’m still wearing shorts, and, I’m in my own home'— no big deal."

The post attracted more than 400 comments from people sharing their own views, with the majority insisting the act is "completely acceptable" — though some disagreed.

"I would be incredibly shocked if the postie or driver gave a single f***k about whether you are wearing a shirt when you come to the door," one user said.

"Mate, I literally had them knock on the door post-shower, mid-shave," said another. "I answered the door in my towel with half a face of shaving cream. The delivery lass didn't give a s***t, which hurt the ego a bit."

Being fully clothed 'a sign of respect'

But according to etiquette expert Jo Hayes, "making sure you're presentable" when opening the front door is simply "showing respect".

"Well, certainly if you are going to open the door to anyone, whether it be a neighbour, a postie, a courier, a friend, whoever — make sure you are presentable," Ms Hayes told Yahoo News Australia.

"Perhaps you've just popped out of the shower and you're not in a position to greet another human, come to the door, keep it closed and just speak through the door and say: 'Can you just leave it on the doorstep?'

"If it is something that you need to sign for, go to the door and just say: 'Just give me 60 seconds', then go and make yourself presentable, throw a robe over yourself — that's absolutely fine. But, make sure you are completely covered and then come to the door."'

Ms Hayes said couriers and posties don't need to see anyone in compromising attire while on the job.

"Definitely no undergarments on and even for blokes, throw a shirt on, it does a world of good for yourself and the other person," she said.

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