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Australia Post driver's unexpected reason for not delivering parcel

The customer was shocked when discovering why her parcel was not delivered.

Australia Post has responded to a customer who blasted a driver's excuse for not delivering a package.

In a photo of the parcel, the words "unable to find parking" are scrawled under the address in blue pen. "Sorry, lady doesn't like me parking at the unit blocks," the driver continued.

The reason didn't sit well with the customer, who took her frustration to social media. "How's this for a reason to not deliver the mail!!" she warned others online, also attaching the image of the note.

A photo of the parcel meant to be delivered by Australia Post to an address in Manly.
An Australia Post customer has blasted a driver for the reason they didn't deliver their package. Source: Facebook

The woman in North Manly then seemingly had to pick up the package from a nearby post office at the end of last month.

Australia Post responds to customer's complaint

Australia Post is investigating the incident, a spokesman told Yahoo News Australia. "The vast majority of items delivered by Australia Post make it to their destination safely. In this instance, it’s clear something has gone wrong and we’re looking into it," they said.

The organisation clarified it was within protocol to not deliver the parcel if the driver does not have safe access to a property.

"Australia Post delivery drivers and posties will make every attempt to park nearby to make their deliveries," the spokesman said. "They are instructed to leave a card in the mail in certain circumstances, including if they are unable to access a property due to access or safety issues.Customers experiencing any delivery issues are encouraged to call 13 POST for help and support."

Yahoo did ask Australia Post how far a delivery driver is expected to park before having to abandon the delivery, but did not get a response.

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