Trump Camp Reportedly 'Irked' That Biden Called His Debate Bluff

Although Donald Trump eagerly accepted Joe Biden’s offer to do two presidential debates, folks from Trump’s campaign weren’t as enthusiastic.

In fact, they were downright “irked,” according to CNN journalist Kristen Holmes, who spoke with Trump insiders after Biden “took over the debate narrative” Wednesday.

Trump had been making fun of Biden at his campaign rallies, suggesting that the Democratic president was unwilling to debate him.

But Biden has now deprived the Trump camp of this spin by agreeing to participate in a CNN debate on June 27 and an ABC debate on Sept. 10, Holmes said.

“Talking to Trump’s senior advisers and those in his orbit, they’re a little bit irked,” she said.

“After we saw this announcement from Biden, after Donald Trump had accepted these two debates, he [Trump] then got on Truth Social to say he was going to accept a third debate at Fox on Oct. 2,” she added, referring to the former president’s social media platform.

Biden’s campaign responded to Trump’s comments about a Fox debate by saying: “No more games. No more chaos, no more debate about debates.”

Watch Holmes explain the situation in the video below:

Although many people on X, formerly Twitter, were skeptical about the debates actually happening, there were others who relished the idea of irking Trump and his supporters in any way possible.