Australia Post delivery fail slammed: 'Pure laziness'

A frustrated Victorian resident has blasted Australia Post over a “lazy” move that could have ruined her delivery.

As the state is on track to record its wettest month ever, the resident was disappointed to discover her mail – a small parcel – was “thrown” on her lawn, nowhere near her mail box.

“Just got home to this...a parcel literally just thrown on the lawn,” she wrote on social media.

The letter can be seen on the grass near the resident's home.
The frustrated resident found her package lying metres away from her letterbox, unprotected from the wet weather. Source: Twitter

“And it was small enough to have fit in the letterbox too! Pretty annoyed especially with this weather we've been having! Your delivery people need to be spoken to,” she said, tagging Australia Post.

Photos show the yellow envelope in one corner of the front yard, leading the resident to believe it was thrown out the window of the post van in an act of “pure laziness”.

“No need to stop the car and get out when you can launch it from the window!” she wrote.

“But we've had such heavy rain, could have ruined the item!”

More showers are predicted to hit southern parts of Victoria every day for the next seven days.

A small yellow parcel lies on the grass.
The parcel (with the address label obscured) was left on the ground. Source: Twitter

Postmen caught on camera throwing parcels

The resident’s grievance with Australia Post comes after two similar complaints made headlines last month.

One driver was caught on camera slowly driving past a property before throwing a package on the front lawn.

The frustrated resident said along with the botched delivery, he also received a message from Australia Post that informed him the parcel was "left in a safe place at (his) address”.

A second complaint saw another postie struggling to open a front gate, and after realising the package wouldn’t fit in the letterbox, he then tossed the package towards the front door.

The impact made a loud thud, which could have potentially damaged whatever was inside the box.

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