Australia Post worker filmed throwing parcel at door: 'A**hole!'

An Australia Post worker has been slammed for the way they delivered a small parcel to a person's home, instead of handling the item with care.

Jodie Engelman posted a video to Facebook group Australia Post Complaints of the worker delivering the parcel to her home in NSW.

The video showed the man having difficulty opening the front gate, then reaching over the fence to try and place the package in the mailbox.

Pictures of an Australia Post worker delivering a small package by throwing it several metres at a person's front door. Source: Facebook / Australia Post Complaints
An Australia Post worker has been slammed for throwing a small package several metres at a person's front door. Source: Facebook / Australia Post Complaints

When realising it would't fit, he threw the package over the fence towards the front door of the residence.

"A**hole!" Ms Engelman said.

"He should not throw the parcel at my front door on the floor."

The impact made a loud thud, which could potentially have damaged whatever was inside the box.

Facebook users react to the Australia Post delivery

Others on the Facebook group weighed in on the situation, with some being more mortified than others.

"Report the ahole," one person said.

"He couldn't get the gate open! Why abuse him?" another said. "He could have left a card and taken it back for pickup."

"So he tried to put it in the letterbox and it either didn't fit or it was locked! He doesn't know if you had a dog or not!" A third person said.

"You would have complained if you had to go and pick it up from the post office."

Yahoo News Australia contacted Australia Post for comment.

"These actions are not in line with the high service standards we expect of our people," a spokeswoman said.

"We will look into this and be in touch with the customer to apologise."

Australia Post driver's 'disgraceful' delivery caught on camera

Just this week, another customer shared footage of the "disgraceful" way his package was delivered by Australia Post in a similar fashion.

The man living in Bathurst posted a video online showing a driver slowing down at the front of his house in a white van, and throwing a package several metres onto the front yard.

The customer also posted a screenshot of the message he received from Australia Post once the package was delivered, which read that it was "left in a safe place at (his) address".

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