Australia Post praised for 'awesome' act after customer lost gold ring

Australia Post has been praised for its "wholesome" act following a customer's request to help find a missing item, one that has an incredible story attached to it.

An Australian woman named Jenny Frecklington-Jones said she had "absolutely no hope" that staff would find a ring she'd lost in the mail, but to her surprise, they did.

Unable to believe her luck, she told her story on Twitter, which was shared on Australia Post's Instagram page on Monday.

Ms Frecklington-Jones explained the ring was given to her by a young boy when she was 14 years old and after returning it to him when she "dropped him", it somehow found its way back years later.

woman's hand with red nails and gold rings
The woman praised the staff at Australia Post for finding her lost ring.

"Fast forward 20 years, I ran into his sister who was wearing the ring. And she returned it to me. So I decided this ring was always going to come back to me no matter what," she said.

The woman explained that over the course of twenty years, the 9ct gold ring she admired has been somewhat of a lucky ring for people in her life.

"I started lending it to people who didn't like to fly but were travelling long distance by plane," she said. "'It'll always comes back to me safely,' I'd say, and it kept coming back."

Ring was lost: 'Never coming back'

One day, she met a man who was moving from Brisbane to Perth and he revealed he was afraid of flying.

"I said 'Here, take this; send it back to me in the fullness of time. It's been all over the world keeping travellers safe. And it always comes back to me. Keep it as long as you need,'" she explained.

A few months later, Ms Frecklington-Jones said he sent the ring back, so she has been waiting for it to arrive in her mailbox.

But when it finally did, it was just an empty envelope and the ring she loved so much had somehow fallen out.

"There was an empty paper envelope addressed to me with ragged half-moon cut marks all along the bottom and then a perfect round hole where the ring had escaped," she wrote.

"'Gah. Well. There you go,' I thought. It's never coming back again. It's [gone]."

Turning point as Post worker finds the missing ring

A few days went by with her wondering what to do until Ms Frecklington-Jones decided to contact Australia Post.

She submitted "something about a lost ring online" but was convinced nothing could be done.

"I got a rather perfunctory note back saying someone at Aus Post would look into it. Again, I held out absolutely no hope that 1. anyone at Aus Post cared; 2. the ring would be found," she explained.

But to her surprise, she received an email a few days later — her beloved ring had been found.

"It was in the bottom of a sorting machine in Adelaide," an Australia Post staff member told her.

"I have packaged the ring properly and it is on its way back to you," the email read.

The thrilled customer received the package two days later, all thanks to "some absolutely amazing people working for Australia Post".

Social media blown away by 'brilliant' story

People were amazed by the woman's heartwarming story with many unable to believe her luck.

"Oh this is just bloody awesome," one wrote on Instagram, with another calling Australia Post workers "legends."

On Twitter, people rushed to the comments to share their thoughts. Dozens admitted they "loved" the story which many dubbed "brilliant."

Yahoo News Australia understands that Australia Post has been trying to locate the worker involved, but it's believed some time has passed since the ring was returned.

"When our teams find missing items that may have fallen out of packages, we will always do all we can to return them to their intended recipient," a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

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