KFC workers receive life-changing surprise gifts: 'Smiling all day'

Two KFC employees have received life-changing surprises after a TikToker on a mission to improve the mental health of others pledged to “make their dreams come true”.

Samuel Weidenhofer - who goes by the username @itssozer - uploaded a series of videos in which he asks the drive-thru attendants about their aspirations, before returning with heartwarming gifts.

Stills from TikTok video of KFC staffer being surprised with cash
This KFC employee's drive-thru shift turned into a life changer. Source: TikTok/@itssozer

The videos centre on two staffers who encountered Mr Weidenhofer while working at a KFC drive-thru on the Gold Coast.

In the first video, Mr Weidenhofer asks the attendant what her dream is, to which she responds “to travel the world”. She also reveals that she’s been struggling with her mental health.

Mr Weidenhofer then returns to give the KFC worker a travel journal with $500 inside, along with a bunch of flowers, which brings tears to her eyes.

Mr Weidenhofer also raised $3,000 via GoFundMe that he later gave the staffer.

At the end of the video, the KFC employee reveals that she’s already taken steps to achieve her dream by booking a trip to New Zealand.

“Thank you so much I’ve been smiling all day!” the drive-thru attendant commented on the video.

The staffer’s mother also chimed in, commenting “this is my baby girl, you have no idea how grateful she is.”

Second KFC kindness act goes viral

Mr Weidenhofer recently surprised another KFC employee, who revealed to him that she’s “always dreamed of being a pilot”, and also shared that she struggles with anxiety.

The video then shows Mr Weidenhofer purchasing a toy plane and placing it inside a bunch of flowers, which he returns to give the staffer.

Mr Weidenhofer then passes her a card which reads: “I’d like to take you on a helicopter experience for free so you can experience what it’s like.”

Stills from TikTok videos in which a KFC drive-thru worker is surprised with gifts
Mr Weidenhofer's KFC videos have amassed over 20 million views on TikTok. Source: TikTok/@itssozer

“You’ve made my day, you’ve made me really happy, this is wonderful. Thank you so much,” the KFC worker gushes.

The video teases a part two and directs viewers to a GoFundMe page, indicating there may be more surprises to come.

Surprising reasons behind acts of goodwill

Speaking to Yahoo News, Mr Weidenhofer revealed that a tough childhood prompted him to make others’ lives brighter.

“I was born with a speech impediment so growing up in school I got bullied a lot and a lot of kids would make fun of me,” he said.

Mr Weidenhofer also revealed that he lost a family member to suicide, which, combined with his childhood experiences, inspired him to help people struggling with mental health issues.

“Growing up I didn't know what my future would be, but I was always impacted by mental health talks and I just made a TikTok page one day and I eventually went ‘you know what I will turn this into a platform to help people’,” he said.

“I want to help others with their mental health, there's so much negativity and I want to make an impact.”

Mr Weidenhofer also revealed that he intends to move from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, where he will continue his mission of “making dreams come true”.

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