Coles shopper stunned by stranger's kind act at checkout: 'Are you serious?'

A Coles customer who is known for performing selfless acts of kindness towards other shoppers has brightened the internet with another heartwarming deed.

Rustam Raziev's videos began going viral earlier this year after he uploaded footage of himself paying for strangers' groceries at Coles supermarkets in Melbourne.

In his newest video, he approaches a woman at a checkout and asks her to read the sentence written on the palm of his hand: "pay for my groceries".

Screenshot from video showing Woman in Coles store having her groceries paid for
Mr Raziev's recent Coles kindness video is captioned "28/60", suggesting that viewers can expect another 32 selfless acts in the near future. Source: Instagram/rus.alien

The other customer reacts with shock, saying she'll "feel too guilty", to which Mr Raziev assures her "this is for you, it's from my heart" before handing cash to the checkout operator.

The stunned woman explains that she's very grateful for Mr Raziev's deed, and says she "doesn't know how to thank" him.

Internet reacts to 'wholesome' deeds

Mr Raziev’s latest video has captured the attention of over 18,000 Instagrammers and 88,000 TikTokers, who have commented on his heartwarming acts.

"Thank you for helping others, your content makes many people aware of the importance of sharing," one person wrote.

"It brings me to tears, any time I see a good deed from you to someone," wrote another.

"You're so awesome I wanna do this when I become successful," added a third.

"Her reaction is priceless and so wholesome," commented a fourth.

Many social media users have also rallied around the woman in the video, commenting that she is "beautiful and kind".

Man reveals motivation behind Coles acts

Raziev previously told Yahoo News that the acts were motivated by hardships in his childhood, when his family struggled to make ends meet.

"I think all of that made me stronger mentally and spiritually and I told myself that should I be able to help others in the future then I most definitely will, which is happening now," he said.

Raziev also said that his actions are also inspired by the Muslim holiday of Ramadan which is a month of "good actions, charity, and giving back to the community".

Raziev has indicated to his followers that he intends to continue the kind deeds well into the future, by adding a quote from Chinese philosopher Confucious in a comment: "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop".

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