Australia Post driver's 'lazy' delivery caught on camera: 'Outrageous'

A customer has shared footage of the 'disgraceful' way his package was delivered by Australia Post.

The man living in Bathurst posted a video online showing a driver slowing down at the front of his house in a white van, and throwing a package several metres onto the front yard.

"Didn't quite get it in the mailbox or at the front door," Mitch Woodhouse said on Facebook.

Two side-by-side images of a package being thrown from an Australia Post van onto a garden
People are shocked that a package was thrown from an Australia Post van onto the front yard of a man's home in Bathurst, NSW. Source: Facebook/ Mitch Woodhouse

He also posted a screenshot of the message he received from Australia Post once the package was delivered, which read that it was "left in a safe place at (his) address".

Facebook users react to Australia Post delivery

Many people commented on the post, criticising the delivery method.

"Too lazy to get out of the car," one person said.

"He must've got mixed up with his other job of delivering newspapers," said another.

Australia Post's assurance that the package had been delivered safely clearly irked some commenters.

"Left in a safe place? I don’t think so," they replied.

"Also possible damage from being thrown as well. Why would you defend this cr*p?"

"That's outrageous," another person piped in.

Australia Post apologises for sub-par delivery

A spokesman for Australia Post responded to Yahoo News Australia about the incident.

"These actions are not in line with the high service standards we expect of our people and we have contacted the customer to apologise," they said.

"The contractor is no longer delivering for Australia Post."

Mum finds passport delivery in the grass

Belinda Hati is another customer that had an unfortunate encounter with Australia Post only two weeks ago.

She was less than impressed when the long-awaited passports for her and her WA family had arrived, not quite reaching the mailbox.

Ms Hati found the Australia Post delivery containing the passports thrown over the fence to languish in the grass.

"They were over the fence amongst three larger packages," she told Yahoo News Australia.

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