Australia Post customers slam delivery driver after careless act caught on camera

A delivery driver believed to be with Australia Post has been called out by customers after his careless act was caught on camera.

On Wednesday May 25, a driver in Sydney was filmed throwing a package intended for the residents inside.

In footage captured on the recipient's home security system, the delivery driver is seen walking from his van to the front door with the parcel then throwing it almost two metres up the steps.

Australia Post delivery driver throwing parcel
The delivery driver was captured by security camera throwing a parcel at the front door of the recipient's home. Source: Facebook

“Parcel delivery at its finest,” wrote the disgruntled resident who shared the video in a Facebook group dedicated to discussion about Australia Post.

It has not yet been confirmed that the delivery driver was working for Australia Post as the company was unable to identify him due to a lack of branding on his uniform and vehicle.

Call for better driver training

While the delivery driver was careful to snap a photo of the parcel before returning to his vehicle, he was slammed by customers for failing to walk the entire distance to the front door.

“Absolute joke. Just an extra two steps without throwing it. It’s probably been through the ringer already,” commented one woman.

She added: “He should have had a go throwing it the distance from the van – probably less impact.”

Another person pointed out that delivery drivers “need proper training” to avoid damaging people’s parcel contents.

Delivery driver throws package; takes photo
The driver snapped a photo of the delivered package. Source: Facebook

'What's the issue?': Delivery driver's actions defended

Not everyone was quick to slam the delivery driver, with many coming to his defence for delivering the parcel under undesirable working conditions.

“This is absolutely fine considering that you got your parcel on time and the minimal delivery rates they pay for drivers,” pointed out one person.

“And the issue is? Delivered safely and on time. He even took a photo. Proud moment for Aus Post contractors I would say,” commented a second.

Red Australia Post delivery van on rural Australian road
Many Australia Post customers defended the delivery driver's actions. Source: Australia Post

A third man pointed out the package appeared to be soft material, meaning it was not at risk of damage by the delivery driver.

“It appears the package was clothing in a post pack. Soft and not breakable. What’s the issue?” he asked.

According to the Australia Post website, customers who are “unhappy with the service” they receive can file a complaint online, via social media, phone, letter or at a post office.

“If you believe Australia Post or one of our employees has behaved unlawfully or improperly, you may choose to make an anonymous report,” reads the Australia Post website.

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