Sender's Australia Post mistake that destroyed woman's make-up delivery

A Sydney woman made an unfortunate discovery when opening a parcel that had been mailed to her this week, leading Australia Post to offer some safe packaging recommendations.

Reddit user Simplyme_ posted a series of photos to the r/Sydney subreddit, showing two makeup pallets and other cosmetic products that she claims arrived in the mail severely damaged.

The woman said the items were packaged in bubble wrap and then packed inside of a padded mailer envelope, but she did notice some of the plastic bubbles on the packaging had been popped.

Broken makeup items and bubble wrap
The Redditor said she was tempted to use the damaged makeup, but chose not to due to the presence of broken glass. Source: Reddit/SimplyMe__

Some social media users speculated that the padded mailer envelope was not the right choice to transport the goods, with one logistics worker suggesting an alternative for sending fragile items.

“Padded envelopes are great, but for fragile items that have glass in particular, they should be in rigid packaging with padding that will keep them in one place and provide shock protection,” the Reddit user wrote.

Australia Post has clarified that more rigid packaging options will provide items with additional protection during postage.

“Our people are working hard to deliver a record number of parcels for our customers, and while the vast majority do arrive safely, in this case it is clear something has gone wrong,” a spokesperson told Yahoo News.

Australia Post parcel box and padded envelope
Australia Post recommends more rigid packing solutions as opposed to padded mailer envelopes for delicate items. Source: Australia Post website

“We encourage customers to ensure their purchased items are packed appropriately by the supplier of the item before finalising their purchase," the spokesperson continued.

“While Australia Post doesn't offer a 'fragile service', we do offer packaging options including mailing tubes and rigid mailer envelopes which are suitable for posting similar items and we always recommend that parcels are packaged appropriately with adequate protection for the item inside.”

Redditor praises Australia Post’s reaction to package dilemma

Although the Sydney woman voiced her disappointment that her items arrived crushed, she is said she is beyond impressed with Australia Post’s reaction to the situation.

“I called Australia Post a little after I made the Reddit post and they were really sympathetic for me,” she told Yahoo News.

“My next steps are to go to my nearest Corporate Post Shop and bring in the damaged goods to be assessed and possibly investigated to see what may have happened.

“I don’t blame them at all but I just find it funny how my makeup could’ve even gotten to that stage.

Redditors point finger at seller in explosive comments

The Sydney woman revealed that she purchased the makeup on Facebook Marketplace from a private seller who has offered to refund half the costs, a move that has raised eyebrows among Redditors.

“Even if this was a genuine transaction and the unlikely happened, the seller is STILL responsible for the full costs. Why would you even mail an item like this in a padded bag??? I would've used a small box,” one person said.

“Complain to the seller in the strongest possible terms. This is on them, not Aus Post,” wrote another.

Regardless, the original poster has told Yahoo News that the seller has been communicative throughout the entire process, and she “really appreciates everyone’s love and support on the Reddit post.”

“It makes me happy to hear that my story could possibly help others, maybe in a similar situation,” she said.

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