Australia Post customer sparks debate over package 'handled by animals'

The woman was shocked by the state of her package when it arrived, sparking questions about Australia Post's processes.

An Australia Post customer’s complaint over a broken package has sparked debate online with many claiming the sender didn’t wrap the delivery properly, while others are outraged by the apparent lack of care with which it was treated.

The woman shared a series of images on Facebook showing an Australia Post packing box with "fragile" written on it by hand as well as the glass item inside which appears to have been smashed. The contents of the glass item, most likely a bottle, had also spilled all over the package creating a soggy mess.

“Australia Post is losing customers due to the inability of distribution people READING labels and being respectful and careful with parcel handling,” the woman wrote on Facebook. “Wrapped, packed and labelled clearly on every side that it was fragile, yet they still managed to break the contents.”

The outside of the package (left and middle) and the broken item (right).
The woman was shocked that the delivery arrived broken despite the sender writing 'fragile' on the packaging. Source: Facebook

“Oops they say: ‘Not our responsibility’. Not good enough. Where's the quality control? Seriously, you need to take accountability, especially with the costs of your service. Truly disgusted and disappointed with handling of our parcels.”

But Facebook users were quick to fire back. “Australia Post do not offer a fragile service,” one person wrote. “The ‘quality control’ is with the sender.”

“You have machine sorting freight automatically, not people handling them as much anymore,” a second commented. “I doubt the sorter machine can read fragile on it.”

“Wow, putting glass in a bag and posting, what a great idea… not!” wrote another. “Then you complain because it arrived broken? Really?”

However, several others came to the woman's defence saying Australia Post staff did not take care not to damage items.

"I'm looking at those images and can only think that a pack of animals handled it," one wrote. "Honestly, how does a package even end up in that state? It gets to the point that no amount of care by the sender would have protected the contents."

AustPost spokesperson says 'something went wrong'

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, a spokesperson for Australia Post conceded that while “the vast majority of deliveries made by Australia Post arrive safely”, it’s clear that “something has gone wrong in this instance”.

While they urged anyone with delivery concerns to get in touch via the AusPost app or by calling 13 Post, the spokesperson encouraged people to make sure they correctly package their goods to be sent.

“To help ensure items arrive safely, parcels should be packed in appropriate, sturdy packaging that’s suitable for what’s inside.”

‘Moron’ Australia Post customer slammed

In October last year an Australia Post customer was torn to shreds after his package arrived torn apart. He shared his frustrations online — along with images of his delivery ripped open and taped back together — but social media users weren’t having it.

The box ripped open and taped together.
"Repaired by Australia Post. I think the f**k not," the disgruntled man wrote in October, sparking a bitter debate over who's responsible for the damage. Source: Facebook

"Looks like a very thin cardboard box with a lot of empty space. What do you think is going to happen when such a package is handled by machinery and heavier packages are bound to land on top of it?" someone asked.

"Anyone who doesn't pack parcels to withstand the rough treatment that any sane person knows the parcel is going to encounter is a moron."

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