Woman's fury at Australia Post after birthday gift arrives broken

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An Australia Post customer has been left furious after an expensive birthday present arrived broken in the mail.

The Queensland woman, who did not wish to be named, was expecting a refurbished laptop from her sister as a gift and was counting down the days until it arrived.

The laptop had been sent from Townsville to Brisbane by Express Post, but the 40-year-old woman told Yahoo News Australia it took a full week to arrive.

This laptop was delivered to a Brisbane woman with a broken screen by Australia Post.
The broken laptop sent via Australia Post. Source: Supplied

According to the tracking details, it had made a pitstop in Wollongong, NSW, with no explanation.

When it finally arrived, the woman wasn’t impressed with the condition of the packaging and said “it’s like it had been thrown around”.

“It looked as if it had been stepped on,” she said.

Despite her sister carefully wrapping the laptop with bubble wrap and placing it inside the original packaging, the screen of the laptop had been cracked and the woman said the laptop no longer worked.

The destroyed box the laptop was delivered in by Australia Post.
The laptop screen had cracked despite her sister carefully wrapping the laptop in its original packaging. Source: Supplied

“It’s basically an expensive paperweight,” she said.

“The poor thing is bent out of shape, refuses to turn on – I have tried several different cables and what not, but no luck. I initially thought it was only the screen which yes can be repaired, but it would appear there’s more to it than that.”

After contacting Australia Post, the upset woman said she was told to bring the laptop in to her local post office so it could be examined.

But she was unsure if she would receive a reimbursement for the broken birthday gift as she said Australia Post had raised doubts about how well the laptop was protected.

Pictured is the broken box the laptop was delivered in by Australia Post.
The woman said it looked as if it had been stepped on. Source: Supplied

The woman said when she had time she planned to take the laptop to her local Australia Post outlet.

“My sister did ensure it but the point is they should have still treated it with respect. Unfortunately they lack this these days, they just don’t care,” she said.

The laptop, which no longer works, after being sent via Australia Post.
The birthday gift didn't arrive in working order. Source: Supplied

An Australia Post spokesperson was apologetic when Yahoo News Australia contacted them for comment.

“While the vast majority of our mail arrives safely and on time, something has clearly gone wrong here and we apologise,” the spokesperson said.

“We have had a conversation directly with the customer regarding the circumstances of the damage and the compensation which may be available in this instance.

“We are keen to see the matter resolved to the customer’s satisfaction and are conscious of the concern created.”

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