'No good': Man furious after Australia Post delivers damaged package

Olivia Lambert
News Editor

A customer has hit out at Australia Post after his worst fears were realised when he opened a damaged package.

The man posted on Facebook he had recently purchased a new LCD panel for his laptop, but when he received the package he noticed punctures in the box.

He said when he saw the box he “feared the worst” because of the two holes in it.

“I knew that shape [of the holes] was from an angle line steel picket on the top corner of the steel crate or metal cage [used by Australia post] because of the shape,” he explained.

“It left one small dint on the back of the LCD panel – the panel is no good.”

The man noticed two punctures in the box after it was delivered by Australia Post. Source: Facebook

When he pulled out the LCD screen his fears were confirmed as the righthand side of the screen was completely damaged.

He claimed it had been well packed and he had received countless LCD panels in the past without any issues.

The man who received the damaged goods said he had no choice but to have it delivered through Australia Post because he could not buy it locally.

One woman claimed she had a similar incident after ordering an artwork.

“I know the feeling. Had a small Monet painting sent to me and the package had a single hole. Unfortunately have that same damage on the painting,” she said.

The man's LCD screen was completely damaged after it was delivered. Source: Facebook

Another claimed Australia Post should not be accepting parcels if they could not guarantee safe delivery of goods, which the man who ordered the LCD panel in agreed with.

“Basically that is what I am saying – it’s in their hands to look after it, [process] it carefully and we’re all happy,” he said.

Another man said looking at the box it appeared protective steel circles usually put on the corner of the metal crates fell off.

“Yeah that’s what I think – I used to work for logistics and I’ve seen it,” the man with the damaged goods replied.

Will Australia Post compensate damaged items?

The postal giant says on its website it exercises due care and skill when delivering a package.

“However, the nature of postal services is such that circumstances may impact on the successful delivery of your article,” it says.

“If your item is valued over $100, you should purchase Extra Cover which provides compensation for loss or damage for up to $5000 (or $500 for some services).

“Should your item be lost or damaged, and you haven’t purchased Extra Cover, you may be entitled to compensation of up to $100 and a refund of postage.”

Australia Post says claims are assessed on a case by case basis.

An Australia Post spokesperson told Yahoo News it was using its extensive network to get essential items to people who need them, and to keep delivering for Australians.

“The vast majority of our mail and parcels arrive safely and on time, however, if a customer has concerns about their delivery service, we encourage them to contact us directly on 13 POST so that we can investigate and address the issue.”

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