Aussie woman's 'very concerning' find at end of KFC meal

Here's what you should do if you ever notice this in your fast food, according to an expert at Food Safety Plus.

It's a guilty pleasure many of us like to indulge in — eating fast food on the couch.

But for one Townsville couple their midweek treat on Wednesday ended with them "throwing up" after noticing an unnerving quality to their KFC meal.

"KFC Annandale is the place to go if you want salmonella," the female customer wrote online, sharing a picture of their undercooked chicken drumsticks, showing red flesh still sitting on the bone.

The KFC chicken can be seen inside its takeaway packaging beside fries, with the chicken appearing pink and raw.
The Townsville couple said they were unaware their KFC chicken was 'undercooked' until they turned on the lights. Source: Facebook

The couple claim they were "watching a movie while eating" and only turned on the lights when they had finished their meal to reveal the raw meat.

"It is not our fault for them [KFC staff] undercooking food that we paid for," she wrote.

After contacting their local store to complain, they claim the manager was "rude ... said nothing ... and hung up" when the customer explained their issue.

Yahoo reached out to KFC for comment and received no response.

Food safety expert reacts to KFC photo

Consuming undercooked chicken can expose an individual to dangerous bacteria such as salmonella and campylobacte, which causes bacterial gastroenteritis or 'gastro'.

"The image of the alleged KFC meal is very concerning because the chicken appears raw ... Undercooked chicken presents a serious health risk to consumers," Edward McCartney from Food Safety Plus told Yahoo News Australia.

"Consumers finding that poultry is undercooked, such as in the image, should immediately stop eating the food," he warned.

Unfortunately, once raw chicken is ingested there is no effective action an individual can take to minimise the health impact and they may be subjected to days of vomiting, diarrhoea and fever.

The responsibility is on the food business to ensure food is handled and cooked in line with Food Standards Australia New Zealand, Mr McCartney continued, with the KFC customer's experience mirroring that of an New Zealand woman who was served a raw chicken burger from MacDonald's earlier this month.

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